Friday, 27 August 2010

Parkinson Bass, Leigh. Rare as . . . . . .

Parkinson Bass.

As a lover of anything not quite the norm, it is very interesting
to see what the small volume makers turn out.
I have several "one off" instruments but this one is quite unusual.

Parkinson of Leigh, in Lancashire is not one of those makers that
crop up in conversations that include makers like John Diggins,
Doug Wilkes, Peter Cook, Ray Cooper, John Birch, Jim Cairnes,
etc, etc - I could go on for some time but there are quite a few
makers out there.

Mine is a "Project" that I will get round to, soon, I hope!
I have not had it strung or played it but curiosity is edging me
towards "getting it on the road"!

I just love the "Handmadeness" (is there such a word) of it - the
slab body, one off neck, the hand sawn scratchplate, the odd looking
knobs and those slot-head screws take me back to my early days!
Oooh, nostalgia isn't what it used to be!!
I can find nothing about the maker and have only seen one other one
but there must be more out there.
The pics below are not of one of my basses - these are the only other
images of one that I could find.
Mine has a serial # 070 and the other one shown is 080.
Judging by the difference, the more he made, the better he got.

Has anyone else out there in the wide, wide world ever heard of one,
seen one, played one or owned one??
Would love to hear from you.

Cheers, :)

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