Thursday, 8 October 2009

Almost a Collection! :) :)

I have spoken to many people over the years of collecting and more recently have been asked if I had a Web Site.
One of the things I have wanted to do for many years, is to learn how to create a web site - to get my head around how to make one interactive and interesting and to unravel the mysteries of being a Web Designer - sort of a creative challenge.

I am playing around with some software but for the time being, I
shall continue the details on this blog.
Why "Almost a collection"?
Well, this was a comment made by a friend I had not seen for a while and after detailing the instruments I had at the time, he laughed and
said "Blimey, that's almost a collection". I thought his comment was
quite amusing and in stuck in the back of my mind.
When I started laying down some ideas, this conversation came to mind and I thought that it was quite appropriate - after all, what
quantity constitutes a collection?

So, here goes, hang on tight and I will lead you through the list, starting with how it all began.

Now, I have to say at this point, I still only had a very small amount of experience and what I set about doing makes me shudder, even now.
Again, this is all from memory but it is still pretty clear in my mind.

It was not long after the Hypercaster project was finished and I was after something else to do, something I could get my teeth into.
Sadly, from memory, it took ages and frustration was begining to set in!
Eventually, something did happen, in the way of a set up for another
He had a "Woolies Special" that he was struggling with and gave it to me after I had pestered him for weeks.The action was very high and it wasn't too difficult to work out that lowering the bridge would bring the strings closer to the fretboard.
Having done that, the strings buzzed on a few of the frets.
So, knowing nothing about truss rods or neck relief, I thought the easiest thing to do was to file down the offending frets, with the smallest file I could find in my dad's kit.
"Mmm, that's odd - that fret doesn't buzz anymore but the next one does!"
Perhaps I'll file that one. Now the next one and the next (you can see where 
this is going!) until after some time, most had been filed.
To my horror, it was worse than before - perhaps more filing was required.
Common sense, or panic, made me stop at this point.
I confided in an older friend that I was having a "bit of trouble" and he said, "oh, that's dead easy, you need to run a flat sharpening stone over them"
Aha, the dark art has been revealed.
This is what I did, very nervously and very carefully and to my relief, it worked.
Not knowing anything about finishing and polishing frets, they were left as they were.

I returned it to my friend, who was very pleased that it was a lot easier to play.
What a relief. So, Paul Harris, if you are still out there, that is the real story!
I learned a great deal from that experience and decided that for the time being, I would practice on what was mine!

Flat Eric.

Hypercaster Guitar.

Some history behind the story.

Almost a collection!

Collecting guitars is something I have done for most of my life, beginning when I was around 12 years old.
It started with a nylon strung classical that I learned the basics on for a while and then moved on to a Vox electric, which I acquired for very little money, as it was in a bit of a state.
It looked like a Strat but was much smaller, black and bashed around, looking a little sorry for it's self.
I took this as my first project and stripped it down to individual components, ready for a re-build.
A very good friend of mine, John, suggested that a bit of custom work on it would make it more individual and offered to paint a logo on the headstock. I gave the neck to him and carried on with the rest of it, eventually deciding the Red was the colour to go for.
He came back with the neck and the "Falcon Hypercaster" was born.
From memory, it had a very thin sound, not helped by the asthmatic 10 watt amp I had been given on loan from another friend, who could spare it for a while! I think I still had it over a year later!!
This was the start of my obsession with the instrument and I would love to know if the "Falcon Hypercaster" is still out there somewhere.
So, that's where it started and continues to the present day.

The only image I can find of one, is this.

Flat Eric

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Seems like a good place to start!

Today's the day!

Never done anything like this before and know little about how it works but today I have made a start.
I used to have a passion for Classic Cars but after more years than I care to remember, I think I am finally cured!!

My other passion over many years, has been Guitars!
This must be something that millions of us share around the world, either as players, as admirers of the instrument, or both!
I am both a player and an admirer and the in following days/weeks and months, I will come back to this blog with something new, until
there is no more to be said.

Flat Eric.