Friday, 29 June 2012

Westone Quantum Bass X850. . . . . .

Westone Quantum Bass X850

This is not a toy and never was. 

These were serious instruments, with a fairly hefty price.
Back in 1986, these were listed at $529, which in today's money,
is over $1000, at today's $ to £ rate, is just over £640!! 

Medium scale, well balanced, with a great range of tones.
When you go to pick it up, it is quite a surprise - it is almost as heavy
as a standard bass, having a maple neck and body. 

Matsumoku built, so pretty much ticks all of the boxes.
It has a cut-away, so if you wander into a bit of 80's Slappin' and Poppin',
you can easily get your fingers under the G and D string.
This was also a feature on the Super Headless, which is the one that
has escaped me, so far - would love to have a go on one. 

The stringing set up is as per the Westone Rails I had, so there is no
need for double ball strings - any string will do, so if you have a favourite,
stick 'em on and get playing.

This one has it's original silver carry bag and I believe the original strap,
as one of my Rail basses, also came with the same strap.
It is in very good condition, aside from the marks on the pick-ups, which
is common on this type. 

As you can see, got some shots at last - I think it's time for some lemon
oil and a string change - might take it to rehearsal next week!

Quantum Info 

Now I have done this one, I think I will carry on the headless theme and do
my Yamaha BX1, which is lurking somewhere and I may also do my Hohner
B2A, which is also probably lurking in the same area as the Yamaha!!

Cheers. :) 

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Gordy Headless Bass. . . . .

Gordy Headless - another one!


This one is mine, which I covered in November, 2010.
A really Great Bass!

Gordy Headless

These things are as rare as hen's teeth, so when someone pointed out one 
on ebay, it was well worth taking a look. 

I now know of a fretless conversion and have had more details on the red one but
they don't come up very often - no idea how many were made!

This is the black one up for sale. Looks lovely in Black.

If the person who wins this beauty, sees this blog entry - I would love you to get in touch. 

Some more headless action, when I finally get round to the Westone!!

Cheers. :)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Guitars as art. . . . . .

How about this then??

The other day I came across an unusual site for guitars - This one:

Some very interesting ideas and some really weird stories that go with them
but that is what these are all about - Something a bit different

As I still haven't got any shots of the Westone, I checked with Tony that it was 
OK to link it into my blog and he very kindly said yes.

I have no association with Tony but thought it would be something interesting
to have a look at, while I get some much needed shots of the rest of my collection.
So, have a good look.
He also does Cartoons!

Back to my stuff, as soon as I can.

Played my Doug Wilkes last night - Very Nice indeed!
This one:

Back soon. . . . Honest!

Cheers. :)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Firebird Twin Neck, one of my favouite shots.

The weather is awful again, so no chance of getting on the garden. . . .

So, I have been going through some of the images I have taken 
over the last few years and every time I get to this one, I always
pause for a longer look.

For anyone who read the feature on Peter Cook, the guitar builder, you will
have seen this before.

If you are interested in the story, including his work with The Ox, the Gibson
man in the UK, Mighty Mite, The Axis and many more things about Peter,
go here:

Because of how images are presented on here, they are shown smaller.
There is a larger shot on The Gibson Forum, here:

Back next time, hopefully with the Westone I mentioned.

Cheers, :)   

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Guitarz Blog and 61K. . . . . . . .

Hi to you all!

All set for my 60,000th visitor and it passed me by!
There have now been 61,000 visits to my collection blog - amazing.

I have also had a listing on the Guitarz Blogspot, which if you
haven't ever seen is here:Guitarz Blog

This has been running for ten years and has listed some very
unusual instruments in that time.
There always seems to be something new - well worth a visit.

A couple of gigs over the Jubilee weekend - one very hot and 
sticky night, followed by an outdoor event, were I struggled to
feel my fingers.
On both occasions, the Canadian Odyssey had a trip out. Nice!

I am trying to get back to regular posts and with most likely do
another Westone, as one of my readers has mentioned one to me.

Westone Quantum, complete with it's original silver shiny case.
As I have now sold both my Westone Rail's, this is the only Westone
headless I now have.

Until next time - more pics, more scribbling.

Cheers. :)