Friday, 9 December 2016

A visit to Peter Cook - The Axis Returns. . . .

The first time Peter and I met, we spoke at length about all sorts of things - sort of a question and answer session, with other anecdotes thrown in.
 One of the questions I asked him was, "what happened to the designs, templates, ideas, paperwork from the days of "the shed", Ned Callan and the the shop?"
"It's all in the attic". Well, even back then, I had to ask - "Could I have a look at it all, at some point?"
That day arrived, a couple of weeks ago.
Image result for Peter cook Axis 
It coincided with the return of one of his creations, which he made over thirty five years ago.

This is the feature I did on the guitar, some time ago:
Peter Cook Axis Guitar

As I have mentioned before - with everything that he was involved in and everything he made for others, he had nothing of that era, for himself.

So, as well as going through a whole pile of stuff, that was in the attic, the Axis was reunited with it's creator.

Below, you can see a very happy Peter, with the Axis Guitar.

Oh - there is me. . . . as well!!!!

Back next time with "what's in the box?"

Cheers. :)

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Greg Lake, is with us no more.

I don't usually do this sort of thing - I think Gary Moore was the last time that I did, as it was such a shock.

This, to me, is an equal shock.

Greg Lake has left us, aged 69.

A volume of work that any artist would be proud of but at this time of year, I so look forward to hearing this - not only a great song at Christmas but one of my favourite songs!

He left a big impression on me and I'm sure, millions of others, all over the world.

Greg Lake. 1947 - 2016.