Friday, 20 July 2012

Seiwa Jazzman Bass. . . . . .

Seiwa Jazzman - Not many of these about?

I have put out various enquiries about this and still know very little about it.

Names offered for similar instruments are Azumi and Chushin Gakki (Cushin)
and in Canada, Onyx.

I have had it for a few years and at every opportunity, I have tried to find out
more information, but with very little success.

I am going to do an overhaul and string change, as the original strings that
came with it are now very dead.
I kept them on as the had a really deep thud, although all odd strings, it
sounded nice.

So, before I tell you all about it, I am going to have one last go and see if
I can get any more details on it. 

These are the Azumi models.


This is a guitar that came up a couple of years ago - obviously from
the same stable.

Any info would be great - either on "Comments" or ping me on

Looking forward to a deluge of replies!!! :)

Cheers. :) 

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jon Lord, gone but not forgotten.

Jon Lord has left us.

This is not guitar related at all but I couldn't really let this pass, without
saying something about a truly great musician.

Every now and then, forces come together to create legends in music.
Paul with John, George and Ringo - Eric with Jack and Ginger - Phil with
Brian, Scott and Brian and so many more.

Jon was very much part of what Deep Purple was all about.
A driving force with Roger and Ian, holding up the foundations for Ritchie
and Ian - rocking that heavy Hammond backwards and forwards, head
swaying in time, just magical.
If you grew up loving Rock Music, you couldn't pretend you had not come
across Deep Purple.

In recent years, Jon dedicated his time to other projects, away from the Rock
arena, to showcase his love for music in general but for me, it will be has time
with Deep Purple that will stick with me.

I was lucky enough to see him live once - something that will stay with me
for the rest of my life.

Do me a favour - if you love Classic Rock, go and stick some Deep Purple
on - plenty on youtube and sing at the top of your voice!!!!

Jon, thanks for everything you did.
A true legend.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Tune Bass Prototype?????

Tune Bass - One of a kind???

I have only had this 2 or three years and bought it off somone
I knew of and I also know of the person he bought it from.
With me so far??

It was described as an 80's Tune Bass, Made in Japan and
most likely to be a prototype.

In the last couple of years, I have tried to find another that looked
similar to mine.
It has a bolt neck - active, with bass/treble cut and boost, Powerful
humbuckers, great neck, well balanced, a joy to play - played it last night!
It has a tiny head with "reverse" tuners, an odd looking set of tail studs,
couple of missing screws and the ones that are there look like they were
"found lying around"
So, in the light of some of these oddities and the fact that I can't find another
one, I guess it is unique - a One Off!

I had intended to finish it off, which I will do, in time but as I had these old
pics available and playing it was fresh in my mind, I thought I would do it today.

Anyone out there seen another one??

Please let me know if you have or if you have any other information or you
have one that looks similar.

Cheers. :)