Friday, 26 September 2014

Peter Cook Axis Guitar - One of only 8 made. .

Well, the time has come. . . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Peter Cook Axis Guitar!

I would normally, at this point, insert some script and then add
image and them some more script but I think on this occasion,
I'll let you feast your eyes on this little lot! :)

I would like to bet that you scrolled up and down for another look!!

When I did the feature about Peter's work, I detailed the Axis Bass
I have, which includes all the details about the electrics - they are 
the same on the guitar.

Axis Bass

If you scroll down on this link, you will see more details and a Les
Paul type, whith what looks like the same controls.


The circuit designer. 

Tony Koorlander  

This guitar is just Quality.

At present, I don't really have the tricks to put sound clips on 
the posts - I am going to, in the future and when I do, this will
be the first I do.

Peter was over the moon whe I told him I had tracked another
one down.
He hasn't seen this in real life, since it left his workshop!!

At some point soon, I intend to re-unite their acquaintance! :)

I think that will do for now.

Go on, have another scroll up and down!!

Cheers. :)


I was waiting for Peter to confirm the details of the wood that he used,
as I was pretty sure but not 100%.
This is his reply.

"Hi Eric
It's a Rosewood Neck & Body with Maple stripes"

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Nick Mason said Hi!. . . . . . . .

The last few weeks have been tied up with one thing and
another, including a trip to The Goodwood Revival!
Anyone who likes old cars and 40' 50's and 60's fashion,
should go. . . . at least once.

Goodwood Revival

Click on the link and you can see what it is all about.

The highlight of the day?

The whole thing, really - there is just SO much to see and do!

On top of all that. . . . . I wandered into one of the side areas,
the Glamcab part, if anyone who went knows where I mean
and walking around, enjoying the event, was Nick Mason!

He usually enters cars into the event and like many other 
celeberity petrol heads, feels at home to enjoy the show.
I looked up and saw him, smiled and said Hi. . . . . . .
He smiled back and said Hi to me!

To me it was, but I'm certain he does it all day. :)

A grand day out!!

Next time, another one of Peter Cook's guitars.

Cheers. :)

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Guitars on the beach, Lyme Regis and. . . .Ian Gillan. . . . . .

Guitars on the beach!!

Simple as that!

Most people think of Lyme Regis as a quaint, seaside resort.

Well, on Saturday September 6th, things were a little different.

Very early in the day, things looked like this, still very quiet
and still very sleepy.

Then, as the day wore on, there were the beginnings of the crowd.

With guitars in hand, more and more turned up.

Until we had a full house!!

Darren Redick, from Planet Rock, was a guest presenter, who
set about whipping the crowd up.

He was also caught jamming along to the bands on stage - here
stood next to Lars Mullen.

There were plenty of characters - this one was backstage with
Jimmy Fingers, in the background and a guy who had a load
of tombstones on his hat, with Janis Joplin etc, all inscribed
on the stones. Priceless!!

There were some great artists and musicians during the day
but one band really caught my eye - Dead Ground.
What a great three piece!!

These guys put on a great show and would be someone to
keep an eye on for the future.
Here are a few words from Ollie.

"We only started in June, trying out a couple of songs in rehearsal
rooms at college, where I'd met Frazer and Jake two years before. 
The opportunity to play Guitars On The Beach was very lucky, as a 
friend of mine Brian Street put a word in for me. 
He said he could get us a slot so we began devising a set, and the
originals kept coming, so we ended up not needing any covers,
which was fantastic. 
I'm influenced a lot by bands like Incubus and Muse - thy inspire
me to play honestly and with real feeling. 
But what I think brings out our bands sound is that Frazer, 
for example, listens to solo bass players such as Victor Wooten, 
so a lot of funk grooves and almost jazzy lines fit their way in. 
Jake listens to music more similar to me, so we click really well, 
but I find that mix of genres really easy to write for.

The debut gig at Guitars On The Beach was such a great 

opportunity to discover what we were like on stage and I really 
look forward to our recording being finished, which will be
released on iTunes before the end of the year".

Frazer had such an unusual technique, I almost couldn't take my
eyes off him.
He had a "well used" Ibanez ATK, which I have asked him to send
me a shot of.

As the crowd had swelled, it was time for the record attempt.
All together now, for Rave on!
I think the total was just over 3400, all playing together!!

Just Brilliant!!

Next up was my mate Lars. . . . . doing guess what. . . . . .
A Quo number - you'd never have guessed, cue Rockin' all 
over the world!

And finally, Ladies and Gentlemen. . . . Mr Ian Gillan!

Lars said it was more than a little surreal - On stage with the 
legend himself!

Two, three four. . . .  G  Bb  C. . . . . you know the rest!! :)

All in all, a truly great weekend.

Cheers. :)