Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Jaydee Gemini Twin Neck Bass. . . . . .

Jaydee Bass Guitar. . . . . . .
With a difference!!

Eight on the top - Four on the bottom.

This is a unique Jaydee Twin Neck Bass Guitar, that is almost
34 years old!!

It was made by John Diggins - Jaydee, in 1978, as confirmed by John,
for Richard Ferriday of "Cryer" - a Birmingham based, that were
around in the late 70's and early 80's.
The serial number is 0027, making it, I believe, one of the first
few instruments that John made as Jaydee.

I bought it almost 3 years ago and have tried for some time
to track down the original owner.
After some digging around, I have now managed to find him
and he is still playing.

Richard Ferriday, or "Fez" was in the 70's band "Cryer", who were
very much a live act - pyrotechnics, the lot!!
The Twin Neck was gigged extensively until the band broke up
in the 80's, at which point Richard sold the bass.
According to my research, it surfaced several times and then
disappeared again.

After tracking down Richard, I found out, that as one of their band
members, Stuart, had passed away, they did a re-union gig last year
and they were were going to do another one this year.

Richard and his good lady met up with me, a meal was had with some
very nice beer - Mmmm, Very nice - and the Twin was was left for it
to be re-acquainted and rehearsed with by it's original owner.

The gig is at "The Asylum",
Hampton Street, Birmingham, Friday
16th of December and the Twin will appear, with Fez, at the gig -
where it belongs - up there, rocking!!

I'm not sure who is more excited!!!!!
Cryer were doing the circuit over 30 years ago, so it will be
great to see them in action again.

Lots more about Cryer on Facebook.

More to come about the Jaydee, how it came about and what
it is like to play, after I have been to the gig and seen the beast
in action.

Cheers, :)

Friday, 18 November 2011

Jaydee Gemini Twin and Brian May Red Special. . . . .

For those who pop back on a regular basis, to what's new,
I have been a bit busy recently, so blog content has been
lacking a little. Sorry!

Anyway. . . . . as I only have a small amount of time today,
I will put up a couple of images, just to whet your appetite! :)

First up is a GUITAR!
Yes, it's true! For those who have mentioned there seems
to be a lot of basses but not many guitars, this is for you.

Burns Brian May Red Special. A lot more detail when I have
a bit more time.

At last, after several times of mentioning it, here is a pic
of my Jaydee Twin. What a truly great bit if kit!!
I managed to track down the original owner, who currently has
a loan of this beast and is rehearsing with it for a gig on the
16th December at The Asylum in Birmingham.
Lots more pics and details on the next posting.

Mmm, Very Nice!!

Back as soon as I can.

Cheers. :)

Thursday, 3 November 2011

30,000 visits to my Bass and Guitar Blog!!. .

Just 17 weeks since I had hit the 20,000 hits landmark, another
10,000 visitors have dropped in.
10,000! That's 588 visitors a week!

To all of you who have dropped in, Hi. :)

To celebrate the occasion, I thought I would do a few more "Guess
what it is", as that created a bit of fun a couple of posts ago.

I you want to have a go, I'll be putting the answers up as soon as
someone gets all of them correctly, or after four weeks if no one
gets them all.
Answers to:

Here's one to get you going. This one is to be listed as "Easy"
The rest of them are a little harder but they have all been featured
in the blog, so you may have to do a bit of research! :)

Look forward to reading your answers.

Cheers. :)