Friday, 24 February 2012

Peter Cook Axis, Gibson RD Artist and Peavey T-40 . . . . . . .

A quick visit to past posts today - sort of a playing update.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been playing my
Peter Cook Axis quite a lot and it has reminded me
just how good it is and as it gets what I now call TGSOP,
The Guitarists Seal of Approval, I think I shall be using
it for a while.

There are so many sounds that you can get out of this and it kicks
like a mule - we'll have no timid bass playing here!! :)
More Here:

As well as the Axis, I have been playing my RD Artist and have
come across another sound, which I have left it set at and it
sounds very nice - this also gets
More Here:

The new sound is achieved by making sure that when the
function switch is pushed towards the bridge - Bright, is should go
from 7 and 8 connected to 7 and 9 but by preventing it making
contact with 9, after it has left 7.
I did this by inserting a small piece of card, which kept the
contacts away from each other.
Anyone else ever done this??

And finally. . . . I have been playing one of my Blade T-40's,
it had an outing last night, which on this occasion, had the
drummer's seal of approval.
It's not this one but it is almost identical.

I have to say, I don't always get that lucky, I sometimes take
something new along and it gets the Oh No, No, No - not our
sound, at all!
Hey, you can't win 'em all! :)

Any questions, any info, ping me a message here:
Cheers. :)

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Friday, 10 February 2012

A picture tells a thousand words. . . .

Time for a bit of a cheat, today!

Left my memory stick somewhere safe, with some more of the
collection, so not to hand at the moment - no pics!!

In the meantime, the link I put up a few posts ago, comes up
with these results, which I thought would brighten an otherwise
blank page.

Any questions about anything you see, always pleased to hear
from you.

How about that then??
A whole heap of stuff - Aria, CMI, Status, Ovation, Ibanez, Peavey,
Yamaha, Peter Cook, Reeve, Jaydee, Gordy, Fender, Gibson, Guild
and a battered up Old Ned!!

This week I have been playing my Ibanez SB70, Aria SB Special II,
Ibanez Studio 8 String and my Status Shark!
A busy week!

Back next time, hopefully with the pics and more to say.

Cheers. :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Aria Rickenfaker - RB550??. . . . . . .

Aria RB550, I think!

Anyone would like to correct me, no worries - Jon??

Anyway, that's what I think it is.
I have another Aria "Ricalike", neck thru and I think that
is a 750?
They made RE and RB Rickenbacker copies, so it's one of them. :)

It is a really nice one, with a great range of tones.
I think I said this on my post about my Greco Faker - when both
pick-ups are on, there is a lot of range on the pot - at least a quarter
turn, with subtle differences - not like almost all other basses - a
Jazz is on a knife edge.

My Greco is Mono, don't know why they didn't add the stereo but
both the Aria's have Ric-O-Sound and using the lead that I have
for my Magnum, a lot of fun can be had, using two amps an two cabs.
Dry and then add individual effects to bridge and neck - interesting!

This one has found a new home in The Czech Republic - tones of
Chris Squire, Geddy or Macca, will be ringing around

I have to say, that the few genuine Ric's I have played over the years
have never quite hit the spot with me - don't know why.
Copies, from this era, are very usable - Aria, Ibanez, Greco, Kasuga
and many more.

Gigged my Aria SB404 on Saturday - been a long while since it had an
outing but it reminded me what a great bass it is.
Certainly not the most powerful in terms of output but ease the gain up
one notch on the amp and feed in some of the tones on the bass, Nice!
Lovely feel to it - oiled finish. Mmm.

Cheers. :)