Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ibanez RB920 Bass Guitar. . . . . .

Ibanez RB920 - What a cracking Bass!

You don't see that many of these around.
I am also lucky enough to have its cousin - two pick-ups, in Blue,
which I will do soon.

The RB920 has a single Super J6 pick-up, with volume and tone
but it also has Tri Sound, on the three way switch.
This give you Humbucker, Parallel Coils or Single coil, which colours
the tones you can get, very nicely.
The pick-up is in a sweet spot so there is plenty of "Bark" and just
the right amount of depth.
Very nice, indeed.

The head is a very nice design and keeps everything neatly in place.

The neck is very comfortable and I feel very at home with this one.
Balances very well and once you have dialled in the tone you want,
the whole feel of the bass, just wants to make you play it and play it 
and. . . . . you know what I mean. 

Beautiful top and binding, a joy to look at, as well as play.
I love it!

I am now getting back into the swing of things, so I hope to come 
back to you a little more often, with more of the collection - Soon!

I was contacted by a well known guitar/bass journalist, recently, 
who commented that he liked my photography!
He made my day!! :)
Thank you! :)

Hope you like these - not some of my best but I was keen to put 
up my next post, so a quick series of shots on a lawn, did the job!

Back soon, Honest!

Cheers. :)

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Yamaha BX-1 Headless Bass. . . . .

Right, back to the job in hand!
Sorry there has been a lack of content, in recent weeks - a lot to do,
at the moment.

So, inside this case. . . . . . .

. . . .is quite an unusual bass!!

The Yamaha BX-1 Headless bass, I think the only one that Yamaha ever made.

There isn't a great deal of information about these rare birds.

Very well made and a delight to play - well balanced, with a lovely neck.
Two powerful pick-ups, with a std Jazz type set-up with the controls but. . . . 
with a difference.
There is a switch on the tone control, which selects Humbucker or single coils,
on both pick-ups, at the same time.
So, you can go from a hard rocking thump to something a bit more funky.

I looked for one of these for ages - and I mean ages!
I have only had it for about 3 years and in that time, I haven't seen another 
one up for sale, in the UK.
They are a little more common in the USA but still command a fair price, due
to their rarity.
Regular readers with know that I have had Westone Rails and still have a 
Quantum, as well as a Hohner B2A (not done that one yet) but this is by far, 
the better proposition.
It hangs a lot better, due to the design and therefore plays more like a 
conventional bass.

The other good thing, like the Westone, you can use standard strings and not
the double ball end, which means you can string it up with your favourite
brand and away you go!


Lovely neck joint, that blends seamlessly into the body. Nice!

Yamaha BX-1. Very Nice!

Back with more, next time.

Cheers. :)

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Friday, 3 May 2013

Eric, What Happened To April??

Hi to all my regular readers - including a good friend with a very nice
Jazz Bass and a liking for proper beer - you know who you are!!! LOL!

So, for those of you who have found a lack of content and been in touch
over the last 4 or five weeks - all I have to show you is this!! :)

Yes, I know - hardly bass or guitar related but I have been so busy, over the
last few weeks, the time has flown by and this is by way of letting you know
that there is plenty more to come and I am still very much here!
A friend brought this back from the USA, during a recent trip - Thanks James!

Must try harder. . . . . I will be back, with lots more interesting stuff, as soon
as I can - hopefully my rare ish, Headless Yamaha Bass.

So, I'll be back to you. . . . . .  as soon as I can.

Cheers. :)