Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ibanez RB920 Bass Guitar. . . . . .

Ibanez RB920 - What a cracking Bass!

You don't see that many of these around.
I am also lucky enough to have its cousin - two pick-ups, in Blue,
which I will do soon.

The RB920 has a single Super J6 pick-up, with volume and tone
but it also has Tri Sound, on the three way switch.
This give you Humbucker, Parallel Coils or Single coil, which colours
the tones you can get, very nicely.
The pick-up is in a sweet spot so there is plenty of "Bark" and just
the right amount of depth.
Very nice, indeed.

The head is a very nice design and keeps everything neatly in place.

The neck is very comfortable and I feel very at home with this one.
Balances very well and once you have dialled in the tone you want,
the whole feel of the bass, just wants to make you play it and play it 
and. . . . . you know what I mean. 

Beautiful top and binding, a joy to look at, as well as play.
I love it!

I am now getting back into the swing of things, so I hope to come 
back to you a little more often, with more of the collection - Soon!

I was contacted by a well known guitar/bass journalist, recently, 
who commented that he liked my photography!
He made my day!! :)
Thank you! :)

Hope you like these - not some of my best but I was keen to put 
up my next post, so a quick series of shots on a lawn, did the job!

Back soon, Honest!

Cheers. :)

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Andrew Biles said...

Lovely bass and great pictures, would like to add an RB920 to my collection one day.

Flat Eric said...

There are not that many around but well worth the wait, in finding one.

Good luck. :)