Sunday, 11 August 2013

Aria RSB Deluxe Bass. . . . .

Another Aria Bass!!

This is an Aria RSB Deluxe, in Pearl White.

This, I think, is a more rare colour - I have only ever seen a
handful of others in this colour.

There are a lot of different sounds from this bass.
I used this last Thursday, at rehearsal and set up a sound
that just came easily to hand and during the first number, I
thought to myself, sounds very Ric!
In fact, playing around with the stack controls and selectors,
all sorts of sounds and tones can be had.

This one has been out with me before.

Aria RSB Deluxe

Aria RSB Deluxe Bass

I also have an RSB Special, which is pretty much the same as this
but with two MB III pick-ups, this one has one MB III and one
MB-J1, tapped coil pick-up.

On this Deluxe there are stacked pots, Vol & Tone, a selector and
"Dual Sound" and Coil Tap switches. 

These were very High End basses and 30 odd years ago, would have
cost a lot of money.

Aria Basses of this era, have Endurance! 
They are just as relevant, as they were all those years ago.
Very well built and thought out, great to play, great sounds - what
more could you want - So many Pro Players, used them. 


The decal on the headstock, details "Smooth Joint", which if  you
look at it, sort of describes the way it is.

Graphite nut, smooth and accurate tuners, good solid bridge, not
heavy, nice balance. . . . . need I go on.

Aria RSB Deluxe - A Great Bass!

Cheers. ;) 

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Basses on the lawn. . . . .

Ibanez Studio ST-824 and Ibanez RS 900.

I took these shots for a couple of people who have a great interest
in Ibanez instruments and have several of their own, so I thought
I would share them with you.

Those who follow the blog on a regular basis, are now probably
thinking "I've seen that one before!"

No, this is the other one! This one is not the one in the shots
with the 8 String, it's a different one. :)

I was put onto this one a couple of years ago and just couldn't
help myself!

This is the RS 900 that has been featured a few times - took
it out to rehearsal last week and the memories of gigging it
came flooding back - what a great bass!

I think the green of the lawn makes a great background - I think
I'll do a few more, before the winter sets in!!

Back with more, next time.

Cheers. :)

Skal. :)

Santé! :)


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