Sunday, 24 April 2011

Aria TSB-650. . . . . . .

Time for more Aria. . . . . .

I have been a bit busy, so I have not been keeping up with the blog
as much as I would like to but as I said in the last post, I am hoping
to do the Jaydee and it's original owner as a feature, so sit tight!

Been and Gone.

From time to time, one or two of the collection are found new homes.
This is because I have either got several of the model (NAS)* - been
persuaded to part with one that has been on long term loan with a friend,
found a better one/nicer colour option or I have had it, enjoyed and it's
time to move on.

The TSB-650 is the latter - I have had it for about three years, bought
it when I was having some issues with my left hand, as being medium scale
it was easier to get on with - played it and now it is with someone else who
also really likes it.

Typical Aria quality, Series/Parallel selection - stacked controls, which
means you can blend in each pick-up and adjust the tone individually.
Some great sounds - Strung with Elites, it would go from biting bright
to dub thud, all in a handy sized package.

The Four in Line TSB head is not that common - most Aria's have tuners
either side of the head. Nice balance, comfortable to play, glad I had one.
I have several other Short/Medium scale that I bought around the same time
and I will get round to doing some of them later on.

So, here it is. . . . . . TSB-650.

Back next time with a Classic Ibanez that has also found a new home.

Cheers. :)

*NAS. Something that I was either told by Peter Cook, or that I have
read about John Entwistle - "Noah's Ark Syndrome" - The need to have
at least two of everything.
He certainly had it - I have it in a much milder form! :)

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Peavey T-60 Tanburst. . . . . . . . .

Sunday morning - sun is out today! :)

I have a new follower today, welcome on board - Torch.

If you go back to the posts that started last April, when I really
got going and work your way through the year, you will find listed -
Peavey T-40 and T-60, Ovation, Reeve, Ibanez, Aria, Hondo, Gibson,
a large feature on Peter Cook, Odyssey, Twin Necks, Marchis, Status,
Parkinson, Guild, Columbus, Gordy, Kimbara, Doug Wilkes, Hohner
and if you dig deep. . . . the odd Fender will appear!
To return to the latest post at any time, click on the script
"Flat Eric's Bass & Guitar Collection" and it will take you to the top page.

I keep finding older images that I have stored on various drives and this
morning, I came across some of a T-60 that I had up to a couple of years
ago and now earns it's living in a Southern Rock Band.

Peavey T-60 Tanburst "Toaster"

I am now working on the Jaydee Twin Neck feature but that
will take a little longer than I thought so the next couple of
posts will be a "Been & Gone" feature.

See you next week.

Cheers. :)

Friday, 8 April 2011

Parkinson Bass, bit of a surprise. . . . .

Two posts in two days!

Just a quick one - read this one first and then come back . :)

Last week, I finally got round to sort out the Parkinson - bit of a
wiring issue, a few sharp frets to sort out and then put some strings
on it, for the first time in my ownership - over two years ago!
Shame on me!!

Removing the scratch plate revealed the wiring.
How quaint, all bits of different coloured wires, soldered in a "I hope
it sticks" sort of way. One hadn't!
I sorted that out and tidied up a joint on the jack socket
and was going to sort out the other wiring but then thought I'd leave
it in it's original condition - the rest of the joints seemed solid so I
left well alone.
The pick-ups are a bit unusual - completely sealed and one two core
wire coming out of each. I could see bare timber under the pick-ups
which looks like Sycamore?? Not much exposed, so it was hard to see.

Being around 35 years old, at a guess, a few of the fret ends were
exposed slightly, so they were sorted and then a rub down with a
cloth - deliberately not buffing anything up, to keep it as it was.
Scratch plate back on, just with a couple of screws, a set of old Dean
Markley strings, that had been brought back to life in my special
"Brightening tube" and strung it up.
No relief, off with the plate backed off the rod, tuned up again, much
better - set the action and intonation . . . . . . still with me??
Yes, I know this is going on much more than necessary but as I said
in the first post, this is so handmade, I was having fun sorting it out.

Plugged in. . . . . . bit surprised! I normally leave the volume and eq
the same on my little amp, so I can get an accurate measure of what
each instrument sounds like. Loud and bright, in this instance.
It looks like a Precision but sounds more like a Ric?? It really does.
Took to a friend, who has a Precision, plugged in the Parkinson - still
loud and bright, plugged in the Precision, nice but not so loud and not
so bright. Mmmmm!
Took it to rehearsals, plays really nice and through the big rig, sounds
a lot more like a Ric than a P. Rest of the band thought it sounded nice.
Very interesting and quite surprising!
No pics yet but will try and get some really soon

Anyway, that will do for now - I am still on the trail of the original owner
of the Jaydee and will post it up as soon as I can.

Cheers. :)

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Aria SB 505 and . . . . a little bit of a Jaydee. . . . . .

Now, don't go into shock but. . . . . I have one 5 String Bass,
just the one and no more.
Those who know me a little better are probably thinking
"steady now Eric, what's this all about". :)
This is very much a closet bass - never rehearsed with it and
never played it live. :(

I have an Aria SB 404, which is listed a few posts back and when
I saw this I thought I must have that, the 404 being so nice, this
would compliment it nicely.
The truth. . . . . I just can't get on with a 5 string - maybe I'm too
set in my ways but try as I might, I can't get the hang of it.

I still pull it out from time to time - I was listening to the original
album by Seal, the other day and listening to those lovely bass lines
I thought I would have another go.
Half an hour later . . . . . Nope, still can't get to grips with it. Shame!

As a bass, it's a cracker - some really great sounds from the actives
and very powerful, everything you would want. . . . if you can play
a Fiver! Not unduly heavy, balances like all the Aria SB's of that design,
perfectly - I know I keep going on about Aria balance but it's true.

So, here he is, Mr 505!

I am still waiting for some extra information on the Jaydee Gemini,
so for time being, here's a sneaky pic, just to keep you interested!

That's all you're getting for now - hope to be able to post up the
whole story next time.

Cheers. :)