Friday, 21 September 2012

Eric goes to The Goodwood Revival. . . . .

Yes, I know - Not a Telecaster in sight!! 

Post 151 and it's come back to haunt me.
Classic Cars!

Go here, scroll down and you will see my very first post, from almost
3 years ago: Flat Eric's First Post

I still go to quite a few car shows but up to now have managed to
keep the beast at bay. I thought I was cured - Obviously Not!!

The Goodwood shows have been something I have been going to
since 1996 and if you are into Classic Cars, it's like an ex-smoker
being locked in a Tobacconists!!
Goodwood Revival

Such a good time was had, I think I want to dip my toe back into it!
Downsides - Costs - Fuel and insurances etc, weather - hardly a summer
where you could go out much but the Plus side is the smile it brings
to your face, meandering down a country lane, with the top down 
and the smells and sounds of the countryside to enjoy.

Oh well, at least winter is on it's way, so that may put me off the idea!

Glad I have got it off my chest!

Back next time to the job in hand.

Now, where's that Telecaster!!

Cheers. :) 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ones that have gone. . . . . .

Well, it's been some time since I was last here and as this is my 150th 
post about my collection. . . . . Something different!


This is going to be about some of the ones that have gone.
I know I said I would do the Telecaster but the shots I took,
weren't too good and I ran out of time to fiddle around, so I will
 have another go at that one!

I often have e.mails that ask the weight of an instrument, or neck size,
does it balance well, how does it sound etc but I also get asked if these
are really all mine, and do I still have them all?

Yes, they are all mine, unless I have included a bass or guitar as part of 
a feature, which isn't mine and I will say so.
How did I end up with so many? Well, I could do a whole post on that, so
I will come back to that one. 
Do I still have them all? 
No. Most of them but not all of them.

Many had been and gone before I started this blog and in the days of take
a pic, wait until the roll of film was full, take it to the chemist and wait for
another week, almost all of my earliest guitars, never had a picture taken.
Shame but that's how it was then - it is so much easier these days - take as 
many shots as you like and then sit and got through them.

The T-40 above was one that I had gigged and enjoyed but with quite a few
other Forty's to play, I decided it was time for an edit.
It ended up in France, to a very enthusiastic owner - quite a rarity on the 
continent, so I was told.

The one above, was the first T-40 Blade to break out of the collection and is the 
one that is pictured on the header of this blog.
This went to Germany, a few years back - again to someone very keen to have one.

Once I had got started, I thought I would continue to thin out the Peaveys, as at 
that time, with with all the Forty's and Sixties I had, I could play a different one 
every day of February and still have a couple spare!!
Yes, it had got that far out of hand!!

Then a couple of others found new homes, including "Chalky", above - who
I still keep in touch with - not Chalky. . . . the owner!!

Then "Old Red"left home Old Red Feature

This one went to a player who had one in the late 70's and many years later, 
wanted another one. He was in a band called The Vicars - Punk Band!
A cracking older Toaster.

Several  other Forty's and a few of the Sixties also found new homes, around 
that time, including this one, which went to one of the biggest fans of the T-40
I know, in the UK.
You know who you are!!

I sold this old Aria, some time ago and then I was contacted by it's new 
owner, not the person I sold it to, who had seen an image of it on t'internet 
and wondered if it was my old one. 
It was!


A couple of years ago, I finally let go of my 1978 Precision, who went to 
someone I still keep in touch with and kindly sent me a pic of it, in the 
middle of his collection of Fender Basses.
Nice Shot!


Both my Westone Rail's have now gone, both to very keen owners - you just 
don't see that many of them around. 


Then a series of Japanese Fenders - it took me ages to let these go.
Made the decision to re-home them, took them out to play them and
then. . . . . . changed my mind!!
Eventually I came to terms with the loss of them and let them go.

This one was a real wrench - took me ages to find one in this colour. 
I know this now has a good home!! 

A couple of other Precisions that are no longer with me - a 70's reissue and 
a lovely pink "P" - I have also sold the other one I had, with the maple neck, 
so if any of my regular readers remember the three Pink  Fenders show 
together . . . . . . they are here no more!!

There are others that have gone but then like most collections, they evolve.
I have added several, including a rare Peter Cook Axis Guitar - Very Nice!
There are also a couple of basses that have been added, that I haven't really
got round to setting up and playing yet.

How do I get to play them all?
With difficulty!
At the moment, I am very attached to an Aria Elite, which I have featured on
here before.
I try and take something different out with me, but the Elite is on it's fourth 
week and I've got a feeling it will be out again next week!!

Over the years I have met some terrific people, both acquiring a new one for 
the collection and when it comes to letting them go - as I have said above, I 
have kept in touch with quite a lot of them.

So, this is post 150 - post 151 WILL be about the Telecaster, Honest!!

Cheers. :)