Friday, 21 September 2012

Eric goes to The Goodwood Revival. . . . .

Yes, I know - Not a Telecaster in sight!! 

Post 151 and it's come back to haunt me.
Classic Cars!

Go here, scroll down and you will see my very first post, from almost
3 years ago: Flat Eric's First Post

I still go to quite a few car shows but up to now have managed to
keep the beast at bay. I thought I was cured - Obviously Not!!

The Goodwood shows have been something I have been going to
since 1996 and if you are into Classic Cars, it's like an ex-smoker
being locked in a Tobacconists!!
Goodwood Revival

Such a good time was had, I think I want to dip my toe back into it!
Downsides - Costs - Fuel and insurances etc, weather - hardly a summer
where you could go out much but the Plus side is the smile it brings
to your face, meandering down a country lane, with the top down 
and the smells and sounds of the countryside to enjoy.

Oh well, at least winter is on it's way, so that may put me off the idea!

Glad I have got it off my chest!

Back next time to the job in hand.

Now, where's that Telecaster!!

Cheers. :) 

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