Friday, 5 October 2012

Fender Telecaster, 50's reissue. . . . .

Fender Telecaster!

It is what it is and has been around for over sixty years.


At a guess, I would say almost every guitarist in the western world 
has had a go on a Telecaster, either an Original Fender or one of the
hundreds of copies.

This one is my "Fender Japan" 50's Reissue - made 26 years ago 
and I have had it about 20 years.
I bought it off a friend, who had fitted some very tasty Seymour Duncan
pick-ups into it and was gigging it alongside an MIJ Strat.
Being more of a Strat man, he asked me if I was interested and the deal
was done - I had got myself a Tele - the only one I have ever had!!


It is great to play - handful of a neck, as this is 50's - the later ones had
less meat to the feel - more slender but it feels great to me.
I will do what you ask of it - bright/glassy, bluesy, blistering screams when
you pull a false harmonic, mellow jazz tones, almost anything but it won't
do thick, deep grunge tones - at that point it starts to head towards the bar!! :)


There you go, I did get round to it!

Back next time, with something else from the collection.

Cheers. :) 

Someone has e.mailed me and pointed out that I have another
You are absolutely correct - this one:

Marchis Telecaster  

Well spotted - my mistake! :) 

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