Friday, 26 October 2012

Peavey T-60 and Eighty Thousand Visitors. . .

Hi to all out there.

As of today, over 80500 visits have been made to my blog.
So, thanks for dropping in - the story continues.

I first saw a Peavey "T" in late '78 or early '79, a T-60 - I can't
remember exactly when but I do remember thinking at the time, 
this is a bit different!
The pic above is not of one of mine - I have borrowed this shot, from
a recently sold, mid periodT-60, as it has a very fine example of
the control details.
This one has the Blade pick-ups and the small selector switches, 
my first encounter with a Peavey T, was of course with the earlier
Toaster type, as the Blades didn't come in, until later. 

As the controls were different to the usual set-up, they all came with
this printed film, which sort of explained what the controls did.
On the tone controls, it was marked Treble, to Bass but in reality, 10
is Single coil and then 9 and 8 takes the top edge off the single coil
until it reaches 7.
At 7, the Humbucker engages, beefing up the sound and the remaining
rotation, take the top off the Humbucker, as would a normal tone control.

I will cover more of the sounds and options, later on but as you can 
imagine, in the late 70's, this was all very different to what we were 
all used to.

Ever since then, I have been a fan of the Peavey T and over the years
have come across all the variations and learnt more about them.

I have started a list of questions to ask Chip - in order to fill in the gaps 
and confirm some of the facts. 
I will make a start on the story, next time. 

Cheers. :)

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