Saturday, 9 March 2019

Attilla Balogh Odyssey Bass. . . .

Almost full circle! Ten years later, I am still writing about this bass. I was a regular contributor on Basschat, for many years and then a change of software meant the format had changed and I was no longer familiar with it, so I became a stranger to Basschat, with the odd post, now and then. Talk about the Atilla Balogh Odyssey Bass, brought be back to the fold. : )

This is the bass. . . .

This is a link to Basschat:Basschat and this is a link to the thread Basschat Odyssey Bass 
Maybe you have knowledge, experience or have one of Atilla's instruments?
Why not join up to Basschat and share what you can?

Cheers. : )

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year and Ray Cooper Bass. . . .

Happy New Year! All the best for 2019!

Over the Christmas period, I dug out a couple of old friends but whilst doing that, I came across my Ray Cooper Custom Bass!
I have not even opened the case on this one, for a while and thought it was time to flick the catches and have a go!
A joy to look at and play, medium scale and totally unique!
Here it is, with a couple of like minded friends.

 Here is a link to the feature I did in 2014, which has several more images, taken at the time. Ray Cooper Custom Bass

Magic! I'm going to try and find the Ibanez Explorer and the Gibson RD, over the next couple of weeks and give them a go.

All the best.
Cheers. :)

Friday, 14 December 2018

Merry Christmas from Flat Eric. . . . . :)

Well, another year has almost passed by!

I was sent this and just had to share it - really made me chuckle and reminded me of more simple times!

Hope you all have a great time and the New Year brings you health, happiness and some new strings!! :)

All the very best to all of you out there - back next year!

Cheers. :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Bohemian Rhapsody Film. . . . .

Went to see this film, last Saturday!


I have been a Queen fan, since Seven Seas of Rhye and as part of the collection, I have two Brian May Red Specials - this is one of them.

The film is as accurate as Roger and Brian wanted it to be, as they were part of it and given some artistic licence, it seems pretty close to me.
Just Brilliant!
I spent a large part of Sunday working my way through John Deacon's bass lines - we used to do some Queen, so a couple of the number came back to me quite quickly but a few of the others took some time. Loved it.

John was - and I'm sure still is, if he chooses to play - a really great bass player.
Never much of a fuss, not exactly in the limelight but he put some really great lines into the songs of Queen.

If you get the chance - go and see it Now!!

Cheers. : )

Monday, 19 November 2018

I'm still here!

Hi to all. :)

I have several posts to put up about instruments that readers have sent in but unlike years past - I have been running this blog for over 9 years, now - I really struggle to find the time.
So, now that winter is on it's way, with many more days indoors, I hope to press on.
Stick with it folks. . . it'll be worth it!!
I have many more instruments in my collection to list - the sale of some of them, didn't really take off, as I found it hard to go through with it and was seriously short of time, so lots more to see!!

Cheers. :)

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Twin Neck, Guitar and Bass

Hi to all out there - still very busy and lacking in posts - I'm still here, honest! : )

This is a bit of a request to readers, a Twin Neck or Double Neck question.
I have/have had various twins, some shown below:

There are several more than this but none have Guitar on the top and Bass on the bottom.
I very nearly had a Shergold with that configuration but it slipped through my fingers.

Anyone know of 6 on the top and 4 on the bottom Twin Necks?

You can either leave me a message on comments or ping me at contactflateric(@)

I would love some feedback on this - there is a very good reason. : )

Cheers. : )

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Ovation Magnum III, found a new home. . . .

Hi to all of you still hanging on out there! : )

I have just looked at my last post and have been shocked as to how old it is - sorreeee!
I still get a lot of visitors but if you were around some years ago, you will know that things were a lot more regular, since I started this, way back in June, 2009 - Almost a decade!!
This is post 241, so time to put up some more interesting stuff and get to post 300!!!!
Ovation Magnum III

Any way, back to the plot!
A fellow Ovation enthusiast, contacted me about a Magnum III he had seen and wanted my advice. He sent me some images and we exchanged a few emails and it was clear he was really keen on that model, in the same colour as mine. So, I told him that I was selling some of the collection and as he had wanted one for many years, seemed an ideal candidate to be the next trustee!
We met, he played it, deal done.
Really nice guy - Hi, you know who you are - who not only gave me a cracking cup of tea but also Chocolate Hob Nobs and Oreo biscuits!

I have really enjoyed my ownership of the Magnum III and now I know it has gone to a good home, I'm not sad to see it go, more like it has moved on to another player who will care for it.
Rare bass, when was the last time you saw one in the UK?

Cheers. : )

PS. Back Soon!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Time flies. . .

Hi to all out there. :)

I am still going through what I have and playing basses and guitars that haven't been out for a while and thoroughly enjoying it.
I had a bit of a Status moment, when I dug out my Groove. Over time, I sort of forget how nice something is to play.
So having had a go on that, I had a rummage around and found the Shark - Lovely to play, such a great neck and it sits just right.
While I was looking for the shark, I had a nostalgia moment - I found my old Columbus Telecaster Bass, which I haven't seen for ages - ah those were the days!
Next to the Columbus was another bass that I hadn't played for a long time and again, had forgotten how good it was - The Westone Quantum.
Finally, for this post, I have had someone interested in my dark grey Ovation Magnum III, so I have been playing that for the last week or so, just through a small amp but will be putting it through my Genz rig, at the weekend. So having been reacquainted with the Mag III, I went hunting for it's cousin - The Breadwinner. Nice.
And finally, finally. . . . My Yamaha BX1, may have found a new home - more on that, next time.

Cheers. :)