Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Guitars on the beach, Lyme Regis and. . . .Ian Gillan. . . . . .

Guitars on the beach!!

Simple as that!

Most people think of Lyme Regis as a quaint, seaside resort.

Well, on Saturday September 6th, things were a little different.

Very early in the day, things looked like this, still very quiet
and still very sleepy.

Then, as the day wore on, there were the beginnings of the crowd.

With guitars in hand, more and more turned up.

Until we had a full house!!

Darren Redick, from Planet Rock, was a guest presenter, who
set about whipping the crowd up.

He was also caught jamming along to the bands on stage - here
stood next to Lars Mullen.

There were plenty of characters - this one was backstage with
Jimmy Fingers, in the background and a guy who had a load
of tombstones on his hat, with Janis Joplin etc, all inscribed
on the stones. Priceless!!

There were some great artists and musicians during the day
but one band really caught my eye - Dead Ground.
What a great three piece!!

These guys put on a great show and would be someone to
keep an eye on for the future.
Here are a few words from Ollie.

"We only started in June, trying out a couple of songs in rehearsal
rooms at college, where I'd met Frazer and Jake two years before. 
The opportunity to play Guitars On The Beach was very lucky, as a 
friend of mine Brian Street put a word in for me. 
He said he could get us a slot so we began devising a set, and the
originals kept coming, so we ended up not needing any covers,
which was fantastic. 
I'm influenced a lot by bands like Incubus and Muse - thy inspire
me to play honestly and with real feeling. 
But what I think brings out our bands sound is that Frazer, 
for example, listens to solo bass players such as Victor Wooten, 
so a lot of funk grooves and almost jazzy lines fit their way in. 
Jake listens to music more similar to me, so we click really well, 
but I find that mix of genres really easy to write for.

The debut gig at Guitars On The Beach was such a great 

opportunity to discover what we were like on stage and I really 
look forward to our recording being finished, which will be
released on iTunes before the end of the year".

Frazer had such an unusual technique, I almost couldn't take my
eyes off him.
He had a "well used" Ibanez ATK, which I have asked him to send
me a shot of.

As the crowd had swelled, it was time for the record attempt.
All together now, for Rave on!
I think the total was just over 3400, all playing together!!

Just Brilliant!!

Next up was my mate Lars. . . . . doing guess what. . . . . .
A Quo number - you'd never have guessed, cue Rockin' all 
over the world!

And finally, Ladies and Gentlemen. . . . Mr Ian Gillan!

Lars said it was more than a little surreal - On stage with the 
legend himself!

Two, three four. . . .  G  Bb  C. . . . . you know the rest!! :)

All in all, a truly great weekend.

Cheers. :)

Friday, 8 August 2014

Ray Cooper Custom Bass. . . . . . . .

Right, time to get back on track!

This is a cracking 32" scale, Firebird inspired bass, made
in 1977, by Ray Cooper.

Although this bass is now 37 years old, almost to the day,
Ray is still involved in guitars and has a list of customers that
would make your eyes water, reading it.

What a lovely instrument!
Nice weight and feel to it - balances really nicely, given the 
sort of shape it it and just screams quality made with care.

Here is is, centre stage, in the shot that Lars Mullen took. 

Being medium scale, it is easy to run up and down the board,
right up to the 24th fret. . . . . if you need to!
The dusty end, as it is sometimes referred to!

The neck has a very comfortable feel to it and the fretwork, is
very well done. Lovely dark fingerboard.
It has a scooped section, at the end of the board, which is really
great if you want to do a bit of "slappin' and poppin' ".

You can see the date stamped inside the scoop.

It has Ray's own active circuit, which along with the DiMarzio
Jazz Pick-ups, does the business. . . . . very nicely.

Neck thru, nice little volute and great head shape - Nice!

To top it all off, Ray's logo, beautifully inlaid in Mother of Pearl.
Another nice touch - Ray has detailed the brass nut, between
the strings - just to enhance the look of this fine bass
A quality job.

Totally unique - Nice one, Ray!!

Cheers. :)

Friday, 25 July 2014

We interupt this program. . . . .

Well, I know I said I would do the Ray Cooper but. . . . . . . .
this has now come on line, :)

It looked good in the Magazine but looks even better. . . . . .
on the screen! 

For a great read on the Lars Mullen feature and larger images,
go here: The Collection by Lars Mullen

 Cheers. :)

Friday, 18 July 2014

Two heads are better than one. . . . . .

Hi to all of you who drop in.

Posts have been a little thin on the ground again!

So, here's something to keep you going.

These are the heads of the next two instruments I will feature.
These were on the article that Lars Mullen did in Guitar and Bass
Magazine but I will be loooking at them in much more detail.

The feature with Lars took up a lot of time organizing but was
well worth it. Loved it and judging by some of the comments I 
have read, so did a lot of other people.

Since then, I have been so busy and have not found any time to
continue with the collection.

So, sit tight and we'll get the ball rolling again.

Next time - Ray Cooper Custom, followed by Peter Cook Axis
Guitar - one of only 8 in the world.

Cheers. :)

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Flat Eric and Lars Mullen. . . . . . . .

Sometime last year, I was contacted by Lars Mullen, who amongst
quite a few other things in the music world, is a journalist and a 
really great photographer, with a passion for his subject.
He does the monthly feature in Guitar & Bass magazine.

He had read quite a few entries on my blog and wondered if I still
had them all and would I be interested in doing a feature.

I said that I still had most of them and more that I hadn't done yet,
so raising a selection wouldn't be a problem and yes, I would be 
interested in getting some of them in an article.

We finally got together a couple of months ago and spent a couple
of days together, sorting out, setting up, shooting. . . .  and trying
to find which case was for which guitar - despite them all being 
labelled, it was still a challenge!! LOL!
 Lars didn't stop all day of the shoot - aside from a quick sandwhich,
he worked a straight 7 hours.
I will never look at these articles in the same way again - so much work
goes into them - over 400 shots, so he could choose various alternatives
when it came to selection and editing. 
The following interviews took another 3 or 4 hours and then he has to 
type them up!! 

Anyway, as I said we had a great day shooting 40 instruments - mainly
basses but a few guitars and a Peter Cook Twin Neck, were thrown in
for good measure.
To get them all to stand up in the group shot was a real challenge - I
had laid my hands on as many stands as I could but not forty of them!
Various tricks were used, including a pack of rubber pencil erasers!!

As I mentioned above, finding the correct cases, when all the shots were 
done, was also "entertaining"!

So, if you would like to see some of my collection - all together, along with
descriptions and stories behind them - Guitar & Bass Magazine, Volume
25, Issue 10, is out now.  

A big thank you to Lars and a very big thank you to my other helper. . . . 
who will remain nameless but you know who you are. . . . . . Taaaaaaa. :)
Fancy doing it again?

Always happy to hear from owners out there - I have made so many
friends, over the years, from all over the globe - with so many invites
to "drop in" should I be in that area.
I'd better start saving some air miles!!!

Drop me a line, if you wish or post a comment on the blog.

If you do get to read the article, I hope you enjoy it.

Back next time with the fronts of the instruments I put up the other day.
A Peter Cook Axis Guitar and a Ray Cooper Custom.

All the best.

Cheers. :) 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Flat Eric - Flat Beat. . . . . .

Hi to all out there.

I was going to take some outdoor shots, over the weekend
but sometimes the light is just too bright, so I gave up and 
went to the park!

So, here's some pics of me, in the sun. :)

I just sat on the grass, for a while and watched the world go
by but then decided to chill out on a chair.

A cold beer came in handy and after I had finished that, I was
just Flat Beat!! LOL!

Back next time with more of the stuff you want to see.

To all my readers - have a great summer and stay tuned, for
loads more basss and guitar. . . . . and it will soon be time to
reveal, the big Flat Eric event! :)

Cheers. :)


Friday, 2 May 2014

Glad to see the back of it. . . . . .

Hi to you all.
As I said in my previous post, I have been a little tied up,
with all sorts of things to do - commitments etc and have
had little time for getting on with the collection.
I'm glad to say that I can now see the wood for the trees
and I'm glad to see the back of it, as they say. :)

So, how about a little tease. . . . .  these are the backs of
a guitar and a bass that you will see more of, soon.

So, until next time. . . . . . . here you are,

Cheers. :)


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Flat Eric - Still very much here and still a long way to go. . . . .

Hi to all my regular readers and all who drop in. :)

I have had several regulars contact me, saying "is that it -
have you come to the end - we thought there was more"!

There is more - a lot of it but I have been very busy, over
the last five or six weeks.

There is a big Flat Eric event, next week - which is top
secret, at the moment, so sit tight and and I'll come back
with another bass or guitar and as usual. . . . . it will be
something unusual!!!!

Thanks to all of you who got in touch, much appreciated. :)

Back soon.

Cheers. :)