Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Jedson Telecaster and Simms-Watts Ike Isaacs Combo. . . . . .

Like the other recent posts, these images date back to the 1970's

Copy guitars that are available now, are so much better than some of the
ones that were available around 40 years ago.
Jedson was one of the more sought after makes and this is the actual guitar
that was mentioned in one of my earliest posts.
Ahh, those were the days!
Jedson, as a name/brand is taken from the name of the company involved,
J E Dallas & Son JED Son - Jedson!!
Simples!!! :)

It's worth having a look on here - there is loads of info.
Jedson Solid Body Guitars 

Also in the shot is my old Simms-Watts Ike Isaacs Combo - mine had the
optional reverb on it.
Below is another shot, with a friend's guitar.
Check out the curly lead!!!!!!!!!! Priceless!

It is so long ago, now but I recall it had a pretty good sound and was plenty
loud enough for what I wanted it for.
I sold it it the early 80's - it was time to move on but I would love to have
a go with one, all these years later! :)
Simms-Watts was a well respected brand, with many bands in the 70's using
them at some point. 

Have a look here for more info on the Simms Watts Combo. 
Simms-Watts Ike Isaacs Combo 

Next time. . . . . . . . . . . . . Ritchie Blackmore's pick-ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers. :)  

Monday, 18 November 2013

Sumbro Les Paul. . . . . .

This is the one!!!!!
Yes. . .  . THE ONE!!!!!

Again, this is for anyone who has followed this blog from the beginning and this 
guitar is the very same one that I described in my blog entry of April, 2010.
Sumbro Les Paul

This was my first "proper" guitar, that was mine. . . . . all mine.
Sumbro was sold through Charles Summerfield Ltd, who also had a brand  
called CSL.

If you have a read of the April entry, it will tell you all about getting the guitar.

During rehearsals, this little beauty would be playing stuff from the Stones,
Climax Blues Band, Ace, Bad Co. Lizzy. etc, etc.
I just loved the thing and a bit like the bit in The summer of 69. . . . I played
it almost - "til my fingers bled"
Happy days.

I think this shot would date from around 1976 ish???

I am so glad I have found these long lost pictures. :)

Next time, my very first guitar, ever and my old Simms Watts combo.

Cheers. :) 

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Monday, 11 November 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Falcon Hypercaster. . . . .

For readers who have followed this blog from the beginning or have found it
and managed to read the whole thing, you will be familiar with the legend
of a guitar. . . . . . The Falcon Hypercaster! 

This is the actual guitar!!!

See here: Falcon Hypercaster

I knew that I had at least one shot of it and I have also found many more
very early pictures of the birth of my collection - The Sumbro Les Paul,
the Jedson Telecaster and my old Simms Watts Combo!!


I will do them next time.

Cheers. :)

Friday, 1 November 2013

Rickenbacker - Not quite. . . . . .

For those of you who read the blog on a fairly regular basis, you may have
seen "Mr Lee" featured and a Rickenbacker "Tribute", made by Greco.
Well. Mr Lee had a recent outing but guess who forgot the camera.

Yep, me! This is a very dodgy phone pic, which I have tried to brighten up
but is still a long way from "David Bailey"
Sorry, Mr Lee!

Anyway, I thought whilst I was on the subject, I show another one that hasn't
been done yet but I will get around to.


This image was taken 2 or 3 years ago and I have never managed to organise
some more pics of this one.
There seems to be a bit of an issue with Rickenbacker, over the various "Tributes"
that are out there - which are still in great numbers.

I can sort of see why they would be upset at current manufacture, of which there
are several out there but some of the "Ric copies" as we all refer to them, were 
made almost 40 years ago and they're not just going to disappear.

Some, I have played over the years - play, feel and sound as good/better than the 
originals but because of recent events, many of these "Tributes" have sort of gone

So, if you have a Ric Copy and you love it - whip it out and show that you are 
proud of your instrument.
The most prominent brands were Ibanez, Hondo, Aria, Greco, El maya, Kasuga
and probably several more I may have missed out.

If you know of any others, drop me a line in "comments" and I will edit the post.

And finally, here is another one, that I used to have but now lives in Prague.

This one is a "bolt neck" - the other Aria I've shown, is a neck thru.

For more on this one, go here: Aria Rickenfaker

Back next time with something different.

Cheers. :)