Monday, 18 November 2013

Sumbro Les Paul. . . . . .

This is the one!!!!!
Yes. . .  . THE ONE!!!!!

Again, this is for anyone who has followed this blog from the beginning and this 
guitar is the very same one that I described in my blog entry of April, 2010.
Sumbro Les Paul

This was my first "proper" guitar, that was mine. . . . . all mine.
Sumbro was sold through Charles Summerfield Ltd, who also had a brand  
called CSL.

If you have a read of the April entry, it will tell you all about getting the guitar.

During rehearsals, this little beauty would be playing stuff from the Stones,
Climax Blues Band, Ace, Bad Co. Lizzy. etc, etc.
I just loved the thing and a bit like the bit in The summer of 69. . . . I played
it almost - "til my fingers bled"
Happy days.

I think this shot would date from around 1976 ish???

I am so glad I have found these long lost pictures. :)

Next time, my very first guitar, ever and my old Simms Watts combo.

Cheers. :) 


Furtheron said...

Now there's a guitar... :-)

My first was a Columbus Strat Copy I bought for £75 (I think) via the Empire Store catalogue my Mum ran.

A friend of mine had a Columbus Les Paul - similar to your Sumbro.

I always wanted a black LP custom - I'm lucky to own a real Gibson now - I thing going back it was the Saxon one in that original catalogue that was a few pounds more than I couldn't afford that might have started that... along with Peter Frampton ... and Robbo on the cover shots on Live and Dangerous... and Steve Clark... and John Sykes... ;-)

Flat Eric said...

'ello mate - Nice to hear from you. :)
I have to say that when I found the picture (which I had thought for many years had teen "tidied up")I was instantly transported back to the mid 70's!! Nostalgia, eh? Sit tight and prepare for more revalations. All the best. Cheers. :)