Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Gibson EBO. . . . .

Just got back from 'avin' a beer with a friend
of many years, who follows my blog.
"Why no mention of the EBO???"

I have a 1963 Gibson EBO, which I have had for
around 33 years!!
Next to a beautiful old 12 string I have, this
old bass is the one I have had longest.
Have I got any shots of it. . . . ??
No. Never really got round to it!
So, as soon as I am able to, I will get some pics
of the old fella.

There you go - short post, no pics, with a promise
of something different.

Cheers. :)

Friday, 24 June 2011

Ibanez RS 800. . . . . .

I had a lend of one of these and enjoyed playing it, so when
I found one. . . . Well, why not?
I don't have it anymore, after a couple of years ownership
and the fact that I have it's bigger brother, the 900, meant
that after having some fun with it, I it found a new home.

Roadster Basses are really nice! Nothing more to say - never
played a bad one.

Played one of my Sunburst T-40's last night - first rehearsal with
the mended hand. I felt not too bad - mainly three fingers. . . .
bass sounded great.

I think I will come to some of the guitars next time - still some
interesting Six Stringers in the collection.

The e.mails have gone a bit quiet - always nice to hear from fellow
owners, so if you fancy dropping me a quick line, it would be great
to hear from you.


Cheers. :)

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Cintioli Music. . . . . .

I keep coming across old photos and I thought I would share
this one with you.

I was in the USA a few years ago and one of the stops was
in Philadelphia PA, where I found this place.


Now, I've been to a few guitar shops in my time. . . . . . . .
but never seen anything like this!!!
Such a great place, really friendly people, who made us feel
really welcome.

If you visit their web site, click onto Customers Photos and scroll
across the thumbnails, you will see the extent of the shop.


Cheers. :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

All the King's Horses. . . . .

I came across this, a few days ago - It was something I sent to someone
after I described one of my basses as a "Road Warrior".

This was by way of an explanation and I must have saved the document.

When I worked in a music shop in the '70's, me and my mate had a rating

scale for guitars, in sort of a code.

A "Liz" was Untouched (as in the Virgin Queen) - Often bought as a whim,

pulled out the case and strummed a couple of times and then shoved under
the bed!

A "Fox" was Mint (as in Glacier) - Something that had been used but VERY

well looked after.

An "Annie" (as in Hard Knock Life) - was something that had worked for a

living, not abused but various dings and genuine wear.

A "Road Warrior" was something that had probably been around the world

several times and seen some hard graft but still very playable.

The last category was split into two.

A "Kings Horse" (as in all the Kings Horses etc.) - was something that would

have been a good instrument at one time but has seen so much action/abuse
there would have been little to salvage.
A "Plank" is as above but was never any good when new and has got worse.

As far as acoustics went, an "Albert" (as in Hall) - was a good one and a

"Shed" - Well you can guess for yourself!

Quick post for today, back soon with another one of the collection.

Cheers. :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Peavey T-40 and Fathers Day. . . . .

Hi to anyone who lands on here today.Sun is out after a lot of rain over here!!

Fathers day, today and I'm off out for a walk, followed by a couple
of pints of real ale! Nice!
So, just a quick post of shots of one of my T-40 Peavey basses, which
is another one of those that I have recently found.

Thought these looked quite good, so if you love the look of a T-40,
cast your eyes over this one.

Cheers. :)

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sore hand and some Fender Pictures. . . . .

For those of you who read my ramblings, a few posts back I mentioned
an issue with my left hand.
Operation now done and I am left with a sore hand! Ouch!
Not played anything for a week, so looking forward to a speedy recovery.

Typing is a bit slower than normal, so I won't write much today.

Found some more older images, so thought I would stick these up.

None of these are as red as they look - Fiesta Red is a little more pink.
This is the unholy trinity, as someone was called them.
All Fender Japan, all nice basses.

The one on the left is no longer with me but the other two are still going
strong and get exposed to some noodling every now and again.

I'll leave it there and give my hand a rest.

Cheers. :)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Peavey Zodiac. . . . . .

Peavey Zodiac!
Body, neck, two pick-ups, tuners and strings etc. . . .
A neat package - just a nice bass.

These are great basses to play.
This one was my "Fireside Bass" for at least 6 months.
"Fireside" because as well as having a great sound plugged in
to my Tascam BT, it has also got a great sound unplugged.
Bright and plenty loud enough to here it along with the TV.

Some decent tune comes on the TV, grab the bass and play
along to it, hoping to get the basics nailed.

It came with the std black pick guard but I managed to get
another one, which I think looks so much better.

Jazz type neck, nice balance, great feel.
The position of the back pick-up has been criticised and on
it's own, it is a bit harsh but blend it in with the other one,
it adds a cutting edge.

Index time.
As I have mentioned before, I have been asked if I could index
the features and had a go a few weeks ago.
No one has come back and said that with their browser it doesn't
work, so I assume it does.
So, here goes. . . . .

Back to the begining

The Story Continues
Keyboards killed the Guitar Stars
T-40, Chip Todd, Ibanez Twin, Ovation Breadwinner & Viper, Peter Cook
Aria Laser, Ibanez Blazer, Peavey T-60, Westone Rail, RD Artist, Kay, Parkinson
Ibanez 2626B Artist, RB 650 RS 900,SR900, Aria Basses, Fender Urge1, Reeve Twin, Peavey T-60
Status Groove & Shark, Hohner G3T, Hondo Professional, Doug Wilkes, Ibanez ST 824, Fender Jazz 62

Chalky, Kimbara Ripper, Peavey T40, Speedster, Ibanez SB-70, Gordy Headless
Columbus Tele Bass, Ibanez MC924DS, Aria SB600
Guild B301-F, Aria SB-R60, Peter Cook - Guitar Builder, Luthier & Musician

That should do for now.

Drop me a line on:

Cheers. :)

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