Wednesday, 22 June 2011

All the King's Horses. . . . .

I came across this, a few days ago - It was something I sent to someone
after I described one of my basses as a "Road Warrior".

This was by way of an explanation and I must have saved the document.

When I worked in a music shop in the '70's, me and my mate had a rating

scale for guitars, in sort of a code.

A "Liz" was Untouched (as in the Virgin Queen) - Often bought as a whim,

pulled out the case and strummed a couple of times and then shoved under
the bed!

A "Fox" was Mint (as in Glacier) - Something that had been used but VERY

well looked after.

An "Annie" (as in Hard Knock Life) - was something that had worked for a

living, not abused but various dings and genuine wear.

A "Road Warrior" was something that had probably been around the world

several times and seen some hard graft but still very playable.

The last category was split into two.

A "Kings Horse" (as in all the Kings Horses etc.) - was something that would

have been a good instrument at one time but has seen so much action/abuse
there would have been little to salvage.
A "Plank" is as above but was never any good when new and has got worse.

As far as acoustics went, an "Albert" (as in Hall) - was a good one and a

"Shed" - Well you can guess for yourself!

Quick post for today, back soon with another one of the collection.

Cheers. :)

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