Friday, 24 June 2011

Ibanez RS 800. . . . . .

I had a lend of one of these and enjoyed playing it, so when
I found one. . . . Well, why not?
I don't have it anymore, after a couple of years ownership
and the fact that I have it's bigger brother, the 900, meant
that after having some fun with it, I it found a new home.

Roadster Basses are really nice! Nothing more to say - never
played a bad one.

Played one of my Sunburst T-40's last night - first rehearsal with
the mended hand. I felt not too bad - mainly three fingers. . . .
bass sounded great.

I think I will come to some of the guitars next time - still some
interesting Six Stringers in the collection.

The e.mails have gone a bit quiet - always nice to hear from fellow
owners, so if you fancy dropping me a quick line, it would be great
to hear from you.

Cheers. :)

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Emmanuel LUCIANI said...

Splendid sunburst !

The shooting is excellent too, congrats to the photograph.

Emmanuel, bassplayer from France.

Emmanuel LUCIANI said...
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Flat Eric said...

Emmanuel, Hi. :)
It seems your comment was posted up twice, so I removed the second one.
A really nice bass. I had it for a few years and then sold it after doing a series of gigs with it. I still have an RS900.
Cheers. :)