Friday, 3 June 2011

Peavey Zodiac. . . . . .

Peavey Zodiac!
Body, neck, two pick-ups, tuners and strings etc. . . .
A neat package - just a nice bass.

These are great basses to play.
This one was my "Fireside Bass" for at least 6 months.
"Fireside" because as well as having a great sound plugged in
to my Tascam BT, it has also got a great sound unplugged.
Bright and plenty loud enough to here it along with the TV.

Some decent tune comes on the TV, grab the bass and play
along to it, hoping to get the basics nailed.

It came with the std black pick guard but I managed to get
another one, which I think looks so much better.

Jazz type neck, nice balance, great feel.
The position of the back pick-up has been criticised and on
it's own, it is a bit harsh but blend it in with the other one,
it adds a cutting edge.

Index time.
As I have mentioned before, I have been asked if I could index
the features and had a go a few weeks ago.
No one has come back and said that with their browser it doesn't
work, so I assume it does.
So, here goes. . . . .

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The Story Continues
Keyboards killed the Guitar Stars
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Aria Laser, Ibanez Blazer, Peavey T-60, Westone Rail, RD Artist, Kay, Parkinson
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Status Groove & Shark, Hohner G3T, Hondo Professional, Doug Wilkes, Ibanez ST 824, Fender Jazz 62

Chalky, Kimbara Ripper, Peavey T40, Speedster, Ibanez SB-70, Gordy Headless
Columbus Tele Bass, Ibanez MC924DS, Aria SB600
Guild B301-F, Aria SB-R60, Peter Cook - Guitar Builder, Luthier & Musician

That should do for now.

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