Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ones that have gone. . . . . .

Well, it's been some time since I was last here and as this is my 150th 
post about my collection. . . . . Something different!


This is going to be about some of the ones that have gone.
I know I said I would do the Telecaster but the shots I took,
weren't too good and I ran out of time to fiddle around, so I will
 have another go at that one!

I often have e.mails that ask the weight of an instrument, or neck size,
does it balance well, how does it sound etc but I also get asked if these
are really all mine, and do I still have them all?

Yes, they are all mine, unless I have included a bass or guitar as part of 
a feature, which isn't mine and I will say so.
How did I end up with so many? Well, I could do a whole post on that, so
I will come back to that one. 
Do I still have them all? 
No. Most of them but not all of them.

Many had been and gone before I started this blog and in the days of take
a pic, wait until the roll of film was full, take it to the chemist and wait for
another week, almost all of my earliest guitars, never had a picture taken.
Shame but that's how it was then - it is so much easier these days - take as 
many shots as you like and then sit and got through them.

The T-40 above was one that I had gigged and enjoyed but with quite a few
other Forty's to play, I decided it was time for an edit.
It ended up in France, to a very enthusiastic owner - quite a rarity on the 
continent, so I was told.

The one above, was the first T-40 Blade to break out of the collection and is the 
one that is pictured on the header of this blog.
This went to Germany, a few years back - again to someone very keen to have one.

Once I had got started, I thought I would continue to thin out the Peaveys, as at 
that time, with with all the Forty's and Sixties I had, I could play a different one 
every day of February and still have a couple spare!!
Yes, it had got that far out of hand!!

Then a couple of others found new homes, including "Chalky", above - who
I still keep in touch with - not Chalky. . . . the owner!!

Then "Old Red"left home Old Red Feature

This one went to a player who had one in the late 70's and many years later, 
wanted another one. He was in a band called The Vicars - Punk Band!
A cracking older Toaster.

Several  other Forty's and a few of the Sixties also found new homes, around 
that time, including this one, which went to one of the biggest fans of the T-40
I know, in the UK.
You know who you are!!

I sold this old Aria, some time ago and then I was contacted by it's new 
owner, not the person I sold it to, who had seen an image of it on t'internet 
and wondered if it was my old one. 
It was!


A couple of years ago, I finally let go of my 1978 Precision, who went to 
someone I still keep in touch with and kindly sent me a pic of it, in the 
middle of his collection of Fender Basses.
Nice Shot!


Both my Westone Rail's have now gone, both to very keen owners - you just 
don't see that many of them around. 


Then a series of Japanese Fenders - it took me ages to let these go.
Made the decision to re-home them, took them out to play them and
then. . . . . . changed my mind!!
Eventually I came to terms with the loss of them and let them go.

This one was a real wrench - took me ages to find one in this colour. 
I know this now has a good home!! 

A couple of other Precisions that are no longer with me - a 70's reissue and 
a lovely pink "P" - I have also sold the other one I had, with the maple neck, 
so if any of my regular readers remember the three Pink  Fenders show 
together . . . . . . they are here no more!!

There are others that have gone but then like most collections, they evolve.
I have added several, including a rare Peter Cook Axis Guitar - Very Nice!
There are also a couple of basses that have been added, that I haven't really
got round to setting up and playing yet.

How do I get to play them all?
With difficulty!
At the moment, I am very attached to an Aria Elite, which I have featured on
here before.
I try and take something different out with me, but the Elite is on it's fourth 
week and I've got a feeling it will be out again next week!!

Over the years I have met some terrific people, both acquiring a new one for 
the collection and when it comes to letting them go - as I have said above, I 
have kept in touch with quite a lot of them.

So, this is post 150 - post 151 WILL be about the Telecaster, Honest!!

Cheers. :)



Adrien said...

Hey !
I don't own my T-40 anymore, but I still know where she is. And I often think to re-buy it. This is a marvellous instrument, unfortunately it was not exactly what I needed (that's why I sold it)...
As you can see, I still read your blog, and I still love the T-40 ; I just can thank you to sold one of yours to me some years ago !


Flat Eric said...

Adrien, Hi. Nice to hear from you again. One day. . . . you may get it back!
Have a look at my posts starting October 16th 2012 - Big feature on the T-40. All the best. Cheers. :)