Monday, 20 August 2012

Ibanez ST3000. . . . . .

What a beauty!!!!

Not mine, sadly!

I promised I would do a guitar next and I had lined up an
MIJ "50's" Fender Telecaster, that I have had for about
20 years but. . . . .  I was put onto this and thought Nice, 
very nice!

Up to the point that I saw this guitar, I have never heard of an ST3000
and never seen one!
This was on ebay, for a Buy it now of $3250 - £2073.23 and sold, very

I try not to wander away from what are my own instruments and had
genuinely intended to do the Tele but I thought this was just too good
to keep to myself.
Anyone landing here, who has one - I would love to hear from you.

What a great piece of Japanese Craftsmanship - Beautiful.

Back next time, with the Tele - Honest.

Cheers. :)


pazcal said...

I got one.
buy in 1981. I was lookin for information about my guitare an find yours. very good one.
now I play on les paul custom silverburst original edition.
since I din't play on my old studio... I guess she's hangry..

Anonymous said...

I have an Ibanez ST-Custom. It's build sheet states it is one of one. It is very similar to an ST-3000 but has some unique features, i.e., a rosewood volume knob. It came in an Ibanez flight case with Japan Airline stickers on it. It is one of the most beautiful electric guitars I have ever seen and I have never seen another one exactly like it.