Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Another Milestone. . . . . .

Seventy Thousand Visitors!

Well, 70018 actually. :)
Hi to all of you. :)

Quite a lot done already and loads more to come!!

Now I have hit another milestone, I think I will do a couple of the
guitars, just to even things up a bit.

Scanning through some of the shots above, I can see that some of
them have found new homes, as during the last year, I have done
a bit of pruning to the collection.
It has not really reduced the numbers a great deal, as I have added
a few more to the "bass and guitar menagerie", which I will get 
around to listing during the months to come.

One thing that has occurred to me - not sure how to keep this blog
alive when I have finished the whole collection.
It will still take some time to do that and I have a couple of features
lined up, which would take up a few posts but when I come to the 
end, what then?

Mmm, I'll have to think about that one.

Anyway, always great to hear from you - from all over the world
Drop me a line, if you want to - either on the link below or in the
comments box.


Back with a guitar, next week.

Cheers. :) 

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