Sunday, 24 April 2011

Aria TSB-650. . . . . . .

Time for more Aria. . . . . .

I have been a bit busy, so I have not been keeping up with the blog
as much as I would like to but as I said in the last post, I am hoping
to do the Jaydee and it's original owner as a feature, so sit tight!

Been and Gone.

From time to time, one or two of the collection are found new homes.
This is because I have either got several of the model (NAS)* - been
persuaded to part with one that has been on long term loan with a friend,
found a better one/nicer colour option or I have had it, enjoyed and it's
time to move on.

The TSB-650 is the latter - I have had it for about three years, bought
it when I was having some issues with my left hand, as being medium scale
it was easier to get on with - played it and now it is with someone else who
also really likes it.

Typical Aria quality, Series/Parallel selection - stacked controls, which
means you can blend in each pick-up and adjust the tone individually.
Some great sounds - Strung with Elites, it would go from biting bright
to dub thud, all in a handy sized package.

The Four in Line TSB head is not that common - most Aria's have tuners
either side of the head. Nice balance, comfortable to play, glad I had one.
I have several other Short/Medium scale that I bought around the same time
and I will get round to doing some of them later on.

So, here it is. . . . . . TSB-650.

Back next time with a Classic Ibanez that has also found a new home.

Cheers. :)

*NAS. Something that I was either told by Peter Cook, or that I have
read about John Entwistle - "Noah's Ark Syndrome" - The need to have
at least two of everything.
He certainly had it - I have it in a much milder form! :)

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