Friday, 13 August 2010

Gibson RD Artist Bass. . . . . . .

Something a little different from Gibson.

I always wanted one of these, preferably a Sunburst/Rosewood but I
ended up with something completely opposite, Natural/Maple! Oh well.

In my opinion, this is an instrument that every bass player should have
a go on, whether they like it or not, it would certainly be an experience.

This one, I believe, came from a "Sleaze Rock" band, called "Dizzy Bitch"

I bought this one from a guy who was using it in an Orchestra Pit, doing
West End shows, along with a huge 19th century Double Bass, with a
fourth string extension, like the Kubicki.
Very entertaining, watching him play some pieces on the upright,
surprisingly loud and a lovely tone.
Anyway, it turned out that in the seated position, this monster RD was
prone to bashing into the other musicians and therefore, had to go.
These are very powerful and the first time I plugged it into my Ashdown
rig, I had forgotten my usual precaution of turning down the gain. OUCH!
These certainly cut through, what a bite!
In a review I read, someone described it as "like a Musicman on steroids"
Alternatively, twiddle with the controls and almost everything can be
dialled in - chain-saw treble to treacle like wump!
The difference between the Standard and the Artist were cosmetic, the
pick-ups and the Moog circuit.
We had a Moog Mono-Synth, in the shop - complicated, or what???
Here's the man, himself

The variations are many, perhaps best explained here.
My RD is on Strap-locks and is quite comfortable to play - it will never
hang like a Jazz or an SB but for this type of design, it's not bad.

There is some interesting reading in some of the owners reviews.

There was also a "Copy" "Tribute", call it what you like, made by Jolana,
called the Disco!

Here comes another "Ox" connection. . . John was sort of involved in
the RD, with Gibson and Norlin but from what I understand, he never got
on with it. I think the only shots with him and the RD were promo shots.

Great Bass - love mine to bits.

And finally. . . . . Welcome Toby.

Great to see you, my first follower - I hope there is always something
interesting enough for you to keep popping back - I still have a long
way to go!!

Cheers. :)

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