Sunday, 8 August 2010

Hello World, Gig last night & Peavey T-60. . .

Hello World.

I finally got round to putting one of those visitor monitor widget
things on my Blog!
Up to now, I had no idea if anyone was reading this, so this morning,
after a very late night, I was really pleased to see some visitors.
So, to all of you out there, Hi. :)

Did a cracking gig last night - T-40 time, took one of my Sunbursts
and "Old Red". Ashdown 300, 4 x 10 plus a 2 x 10 underneath and
my Boss EQ20 pedal.
Went on at 9.30, venue said finish around 11.30, audience loving it,
kept getting the "thumbs up" from behind the bar, finished at 12.00!!
Great night!

As well as collecting, playing the instruments is important to me - little
point hiding something in the case.
As I am now well settled playing bass, I think at some point, quite a few
of the guitars will find new homes, as these do sit in the cases, coming
out now and again for a quick play and then back in the dark again.

Today I am going to show you one of the T-60's that will be staying.

This, for some reason, is just right.
I have other T-60's that are almost as good and one that is equal but
I can speak from experience, two guitars or basses, same make, year,
colour, neck, strings - one will sound slightly different to the other.
This one is a cracker.

Beautiful colour - I have others in this colour, which I will share
another time.

Anyway, off to unload the gear, so must go - hope to see you again
soon, when I will perhaps put something different up.

Anyone want to drop me a line:

Cheers. :)

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