Friday, 6 August 2010

Aria Twins and a Pair of Blazers. . . . . .

Just to keep the ball rolling, I thought I'd finish off the week with these.

These Ibanez Blazers are the early ones, with a glorious pick-up,
also used by Greco.
There is nothing fancy about these basses but they deliver a real
powerful punch, over all the strings
Light, simple, a joy to play and in my opinion would be an asset to
any player who wanted the bass equivalent of a Model T.
Bright enough to cut through, back the tone off to get a BIG DEEP THUD!
Just great. The natural one was first and then the dark one, which I have
only just recently given a good going over, as it was in a bit of a state
when I first got it. The eagle eyed will notice that the intonation is a bit off
the mark, this was before I set it up.

As I have probably mentioned before, I have all sorts of gear to match
against each
other in real time.
If you pick up a great bass, or guitar, you very rarely get the opportunity
to put it up against your current favourite.
I often row up tests, same amp, volume, EQ and plug them in to see
the difference, one after the other.
I do the same when choosing what to gig next, to make any adjustments
and note them, ready for live work.

I bought my first Aria Pro II Laser heritage, the one on the right (different strings)
and on back to back tests I was very impressed, just something about it.
Did a bit of searching on t'internet and found there were a lot of good things
said about them.
Here's something typical:

"This bass is a hoot to play. Sounds and feels like a million bucks and pretty
light too.And of course, nothing beats Matsumoku's craftsmanship".

"If you see one for sale why not pick it up and have a play,
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised".

So, when another came up, I snapped it up - again, just like the Blazers, simple
straightforward but delivers what most people would want from a bass.

Used one on my last outing, just the job!

Gig tomorrow, already chosen my weapons of choice for this one -
A brace of T-40's!!

Cheers. :)

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sydney harris said...

hi, just picked up your thread....great stuff with the 70`s ad from Bristol!! i also collect basses,although not so much nowadays, but into the fold of Fender Jazzes (including my original`64 bought by me in 1964!) musicmen, Kritz,etc has landed a 1985 Aria pro2 Laser Electric (as yours) now off white with black headstock...after a good clean up and neck finish,fret clean etc, i have to say what a pleasing bass to play and carry! weather thru a single 12" Ampeg combo, or 8x10" with classichead or 600 watt mark bass digital (and various inbetween) sound really great, surprised me no end!! so instead of selling on ???? will keep and use! excellent, and good reading!!