Thursday, 19 August 2010

Plug it in and crank it up . . . . .

I thought that I would come back to amplification today.

I came across these pics whilst trying to organise others to be

included in the blog - I still have a lot of images to take and
prepare, so I may wander off the path now and then.

As well as having a good instrument to play, it is equally important

to have good leads/wireless, good amp and speakers that are up to
the job required of them.

Classic Rock is the order of the day, so I need something that will

pump out a good solid sound.

I have an Ashdown 300, 4 x 10 combo, which I put on top

of a 2 x 10 deep cab.
This, for me gives a good all round sound, that suits most
small and medium venues.
This pic was taken late at night, after the gig, so looks a bit
messy on stage - also there is an Ibanez Artist, which I'll
come back to later and lurking in the corner is one of my
"Rickenfakers", as they are often referred to - again, I'll
do that another time.

The "Big Rig" is a Yamaha BT500, great amp - loads of tonal

variety and five memories, which sits on top of a Hartke 8 x 10.
This is . . . . . erm. . . . LOUD!!!

Weapons of choice for that evening were the Canadian Odyssey
and a Greco GOB 750 - the Odyssey is covered in a previous post
and I'll come back to the Greco another time.

I also have an Ashdown 1 x 15, that I put on the top of the 2 x 10,
both stood on end and put the Yam on the top - great for tight
spaces and still puts out quite a punch.

One thing is for sure, each amp/cab combination, whatever you choose,
will give a different sound to a particular guitar or bass, so most of us
spend a lot of time and money trying to "Get that sound"
It's a bit like the "Lost Chord". . . . . . do you ever find it???

Talking about lost cords . . . . it's also quite surprising the effect of a good
lead or bad lead can have on the sound - some months ago I was having
a sort out and found that one of the leads I had been using was sucking
up the signal, quite noticeably, so that was consigned to the bin!!
Oh, and whilst I'm on the subject, good speaker leads are equally as
It's all a bit like cooking - get the right recipe and all will turn out well.

Back next time with something different.

Cheers. :)

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