Tuesday, 3 August 2010

How things have changed . . . . . .

Since I have started to move this project along, I have come across all
sorts of things, including a lot of music related magazines, some of
which are over 35 years old.
These are a very interesting read and give an insight into how things
were in the 70's and beyond.
One thing is for sure, things in real terms are SO much cheaper now
than they were back then, no wonder there were a lot more second hand
shops, as that was all that most people could afford.

Just look how expensive the recording gear is!!!! OUCH!!

I have also dug out some old guitars and basses that haven't seen the
light of day for some time.
These were acquired for family and friends to learn on, as they were good
solid instruments which were there to be used, as a boutique instrument
was perhaps not the best thing to learn on, just in case it got a nasty knock.
Some I got in a swap/trade and perhaps needed a bit of TLC but never
seemed to get round to it.
I think that I may devote some time to these and move them on, as it is
now unlikely that I will use them again.

These days, even the starter guitars are quite playable, so much better
than what our heroes would have started on.
I was at The London Guitar show, a couple of years ago and a friend
brought his nephew along, to choose something acceptable.
For less than £120, he had a sort of Fender clone, soft bag, strap, lead
and from memory, even a tuner! No pitch pipes these days!

Talking of which, it still amazes me how many people struggle to tune
a guitar or bass and are completely lost without an electronic tuner.
I am still very grateful to the person who taught me tuning by harmonics,
using one string as a reference.

I am still very busy on the trail of Peter Cook, although I think I think Sherlock
Holmes would probably thinking of taking on a different case at the moment,
as I am getting some minor responses but nothing I can get my teeth into.

Any info from anyone out there, would be great - or you could just drop me a
line and say Hi - tell me what you've got. :)


Cheers. :)

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