Monday, 23 August 2010

Photography and a couple of Cort Kay Basses. . . .

I have various places that I take shots of the collection - I find
the light outdoors is perhaps the best but the weather is not
always at it's best!
I have had a go at indoor lighting, so I can carry on.
I have lots of ideal shots, which haven't been listed yet but
Autumn is on the way!!

This is my best read feeble attempt at lighting!! Not good!!

The more light used, the darker it gets! What's that all about??
Yes, I know settings need to be altered, I thought I could get
away with my old friend "Auto Shot"!
Lots of shadows and light flare and remember, these are the
best of the bunch. I'll try something different.

Anyway, these are a couple of "Kay" basses, which from what
I understand, were made by Cort.
Bought the "Hot" pick-up one for a member of the family to learn
on and found that it wasn't bad at all, so when the other one came
up for grabs, I had that one as well.
They are not really used now, so I may move these on at some point
but for now I am using them as my photographic models.

"OK, you pair can get your coats on now, I'm off down to the pub! Ha!

Cheers. :)

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