Friday, 18 November 2011

Jaydee Gemini Twin and Brian May Red Special. . . . .

For those who pop back on a regular basis, to what's new,
I have been a bit busy recently, so blog content has been
lacking a little. Sorry!

Anyway. . . . . as I only have a small amount of time today,
I will put up a couple of images, just to whet your appetite! :)

First up is a GUITAR!
Yes, it's true! For those who have mentioned there seems
to be a lot of basses but not many guitars, this is for you.

Burns Brian May Red Special. A lot more detail when I have
a bit more time.

At last, after several times of mentioning it, here is a pic
of my Jaydee Twin. What a truly great bit if kit!!
I managed to track down the original owner, who currently has
a loan of this beast and is rehearsing with it for a gig on the
16th December at The Asylum in Birmingham.
Lots more pics and details on the next posting.

Mmm, Very Nice!!

Back as soon as I can.

Cheers. :)

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