Friday, 26 September 2014

Peter Cook Axis Guitar - One of only 8 made. .

Well, the time has come. . . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Peter Cook Axis Guitar!

I would normally, at this point, insert some script and then add
image and them some more script but I think on this occasion,
I'll let you feast your eyes on this little lot! :)

I would like to bet that you scrolled up and down for another look!!

When I did the feature about Peter's work, I detailed the Axis Bass
I have, which includes all the details about the electrics - they are 
the same on the guitar.

Axis Bass

If you scroll down on this link, you will see more details and a Les
Paul type, whith what looks like the same controls.


The circuit designer. 

Tony Koorlander  

This guitar is just Quality.

At present, I don't really have the tricks to put sound clips on 
the posts - I am going to, in the future and when I do, this will
be the first I do.

Peter was over the moon whe I told him I had tracked another
one down.
He hasn't seen this in real life, since it left his workshop!!

At some point soon, I intend to re-unite their acquaintance! :)

I think that will do for now.

Go on, have another scroll up and down!!

Cheers. :)


I was waiting for Peter to confirm the details of the wood that he used,
as I was pretty sure but not 100%.
This is his reply.

"Hi Eric
It's a Rosewood Neck & Body with Maple stripes"

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Furtheron said...

Being someone who luckily owns another one of the 8 I'll point out some interesting differences...

Firstly unlike others I've seen in photos and the bass which of course I know well mine is not a laminate being solid one piece dark mahogany which may account for mine have a plastic truss rod cover with the engraving "Peter Cook Custom".

The pickups look the same and the circuit too - on the switches it is pre-amp in or out (never use it without but useful if the battery is dead) and the other switch just seems to put both pickups on in a parallel or single coil mode seemingly out of phase. I don't like it too thin, does yours have a three way like the bass?

Ok the differences other than the wood I can see are...

The tuners on mine are Schaller M6s rather than the Grovers on this one. The bridge - mine is a mighty mite version so the bridge pieces have a rounder string hole in them - you one looks like alter Fender Standard style strat ones.

Knobs - mine are plastic black speed knobs similar to the bass.

Jack socket - mine is like the bass a standard jack not an xlr fitting.

In fact mine is very like the one in the 1982 complete guitar guide (a book I owned at the time I bought the 6 string but not the bass) except the trussrod cover is black plastic not brass and the knobs are black and the pickup surrounds are black too. If you study that photo the tuners are M6s and the bridge mighty mite - looks so to me anyhow.

Your one does look stunning I have to say with the clever laminate wood.

Flat Eric said...

Hi. Nice to hear from you, thought/hoped you might drop in - great input. :)

I don't think any two are identical,the joy of having a hand built instrument. I haven't spoken to Peter at great length on this one be aim to during the week. When I told him I had found one and bought it, he said something like "you lucky %^&*"!" Cheers.