Thursday, 8 October 2009

Hypercaster Guitar.

Some history behind the story.

Almost a collection!

Collecting guitars is something I have done for most of my life, beginning when I was around 12 years old.
It started with a nylon strung classical that I learned the basics on for a while and then moved on to a Vox electric, which I acquired for very little money, as it was in a bit of a state.
It looked like a Strat but was much smaller, black and bashed around, looking a little sorry for it's self.
I took this as my first project and stripped it down to individual components, ready for a re-build.
A very good friend of mine, John, suggested that a bit of custom work on it would make it more individual and offered to paint a logo on the headstock. I gave the neck to him and carried on with the rest of it, eventually deciding the Red was the colour to go for.
He came back with the neck and the "Falcon Hypercaster" was born.
From memory, it had a very thin sound, not helped by the asthmatic 10 watt amp I had been given on loan from another friend, who could spare it for a while! I think I still had it over a year later!!
This was the start of my obsession with the instrument and I would love to know if the "Falcon Hypercaster" is still out there somewhere.
So, that's where it started and continues to the present day.

The only image I can find of one, is this.

Flat Eric

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