Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ibanez Old and New . . . . .

I have quite a few Ibanez instruments.
Why? Because they are good! Simple as that.

I could mention John McLaughlin, Sting, Steve Lukather, Bob Weir,
George Benson,
Daryl Stuermer, Joe Satriani, Pat Simmons, and
then add to that list, Alphonso Johnson, Steve Miller, Gerry Beckley
Steve Vai and of course, Phil Lynott.
Pro musicians, using pro gear.

You have already seen the Blazers and the Twin, now for some of the
others, including for me, something quite modern.

Ibanez RS 924.

This one is a good, solid sounding bass, with the option of actives.
I'm not certain but the active feature to me, is the same as my RS 900.
The PJ type pick-ups offer what you would expect, big punch with an
added brightness, which have adjustable poles.
These are so useful in achieving a balanced sound across all the strings.
Anyone with the standard pick-up will know that it is a bit of hit and
miss trying to get an equal volume - E booms out but the A doesn't
or the G is louder than the D.
I use the VU on my Ashdown - pull the E open, then 5th fret, then 7th,
so the VU just climbs to the red line, then do the same on the other strings,
adjusting the pole to suit.

Ibanez 2626B Artist.

From what I know there aren't many of these about and if all
works out, I'm about to get my hands on another one.
This is the bass that is leaning up against the Ashdown, in the
post about amplifiers.
Just a really nice bass, that has got sort of a Vintage feel about
it - just look and the back on that!!

This has got the standard issue pick-ups, that are familiar on
several other Ibanez basses but there is another version that
I have seen, which has two pick-ups that are the same as the
back one on a 2495B Destroyer.

There are some very interesting images here.

Finally, for me, something quite modern and up to date . . . . . .

Ibanez SR 900.

I had a go on one of these, a dark one, which I thought was just great,
so I kept my eye out for one.

This one is practically new, which was bought by the original owner
and only used a few times before an injury prevented him from playing.
I have only gigged this one once but it is a joy to play and brings out
my funky side, which is not good - slapping and popping in Classic Rock
is not a good thing!!
The neck is slim and very fast, the body is curved at the back, so it fits
around your "Steak, chips and a couple of pints"!!

The design and finish is high quality and the actives are all that you
would need - I tend to fiddle with full actives far too much!!

That's all for now, I'll come back with more Ibanez next time.

If you want to drop me a line, or have any questions about the
collection, you can reach me here:

Cheers. :)

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