Friday, 17 September 2010

Fender Urge 1. Stu Hamm . . . . . . .

Fender Stu Hamm Urge 1 Signature Series.
Now, you don't see many of these.
I was going to do this one later on but having used it in
rehearsal, I thought I would do it whilst it was fresh in my mind.
Bit like a sports car, small, light and fast!
It is a 32" scale, with a lovely neck on it.

The controls are Volume on the top and Pan on the bottom of the
front set and Treble on the top, Bass on the bottom of the back set.
The active is simple but you can get some great and varied sounds
from them without a lot of fiddling around.

When I first got this, I tried to find out what year it was but some
of the Mexican serials are a bit vague - this one not even recognised
but come down a few numbers to 32000 and it says this:

This guitar is from the Mexican Signature Series
made at the Ensenada Plant (Fender), Mexico
in the Year(s): 1996 - Present, While this line of guitars was created
in 1996, the serial numbers do not correlate with the subsequent years
hence an exact date cannot be determined from the serial number.
Hey Ho! I guess it's about 15 years old.

While I was digging around for info on it, I can across an image of an
alternative version which may be passive??

Stu Hamm is up there with the very best - a stunning player.
I saw him live with Satriani, an unforgettable experience, top man!
Trouble is when I see someone like that, it makes me think of
taking up the Penny Whistle!!

Time to go - Robin Trower on Planet Rock as I sign off . . . . . .
after all this time, some of his stuff still makes the hairs on the back
of my neck stand up. Go Robin, Go - Too rollin' stoned!

Cheers. :)


Serafim said...

a great bass guitar. i´ve got one

Flat Eric said...

Hi. I really wish I could reach out and play it, just one more time - never thought for a moment that there would be so much interest in it! Ah well. Continue to enjoy yours. :)

David Meyer said...

Wonderful bass. The dating scheme you identify is incorrect, though. I bought my Stu Hamm Urge in Sacramento, CA from Skip's Music in 1994. Every time I think I want a different main bass, I compare it to something else and decide this one is exactly what I want. Small, light, plenty of punch. Any idea what it is worth?

Flat Eric said...

Hi. :) Yes, dating it was a challenge! I am based in the UK and over here, they are not that common.
To be honest, I have no idea what they fetch in the USA. I guess if you like it that much, you are looking for another one? Might be worth looking on ebay. Cheers. :)