Friday, 10 September 2010

A little more Aria. . . . . .

I have just managed to acquire an Aria Elite "1", to go with my two
Elite "2"'s!! That's a bit of a mouthful if you say it quickly.
The man I bought it from is a lifetime bass player and was a
pleasure to meet up with.
A lot of interesting stuff, which I may share with you at a later date.
I don't have any shots of this one yet but will get some sorted.
So, on an Aria theme, let's have some more Aria!

I have had this one about four years and I bought it at a time I
was into "Oiled" finishes and this one is silky smooth.

Simple controls - Pan, Volume and Bass and Treble boost and cut.
Hangs like almost all the Aria's, perfectly balanced and comfortable
to wear.
I've also got the five string version, SB505, which is the only five
string that I have, mainly due to the fact that that one extra string
confuses the hell out of me!!
I keep pulling the B, thinking it's an E!! Doh!!!

SB Special II

I bought this for two reasons, the first is the stunning condition it is in
- over 25 years old and the fact that it is an up to date version (sort of)
of the TSB-650 that I have.
The TSB is a 32" scale and this SB is the standard 34".
Stacked volume and tone, with series/parallel switches.
A really nice bass with a good level of brightness, which can be reined in
with the tone controls.

The thing with Aria SB's, you don't have to fight with them when playing
live, they sort of work with you.
In my opinion, a lot of thought went into how they are "worn" when you
are standing up.

Elite Pics.

I thought I would just throw these in - part of my learning how to get some
decent images and experimenting with light.
I took these last year and I'm not sure that my photographic expertise has
got any better since then.
I will get some more shots of these at a later date.

And finally . . . . it's really nice to see people popping in, from all
over the world to see what's happening.
Hi to you all. :)

If you have any questions or just want to drop me a line, perhaps
saying that you had a similar instrument, what you thought of it,
what memories you have, fire away.
Nothing will be posted up, if those are your wishes.

That's all for now, see you next week.
Cheers. :)

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