Sunday, 19 September 2010

Technology, Monitors and YouTube. . . . .

Sunday morning, bit of a late one last night, so sitting here with
a steaming coffee whilst typing.

Technology! Is it just me? :)
As I get more familiar with the features of this blog, I think I have
just about cracked it but the other day I selected to follow another
blog and ended up following myself!!
I sorted it in the end but still end up following my own blog!
What's that all about??

I took the Urge and a Gordy Headless, last night but learned a
valuable lesson - don't gig without monitors. . . . ever!!
A confusing sound, small venue and bad weather - get the picture??

Finally. . . . . up to now, I haven't really "done" YouTube.
I used it as a tool a few days ago, to learn Ozzy's Crazy Train and
now I'm hooked!
I gigged my Ibanez RB650, a couple of weeks ago, so this morning
I had a look for that and then moved on to T-40 and T-60.
Here's a few I found.

This one reminds me of why I didn't get into YouTube earlier - nice
looking modified T-40 but what you see is not relative to the sound!
As broadband speeds have got better, it is not too bad but this
last one is is a good example of the way it was.

Sorry for the lack of "Collection" content, as I said, it was a late night!!:)

Back with more stuff next week.

Cheers. :)

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