Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ibanez RB 650 & RS 900 out for the night . .

I have had both of these for some time but only recently
gigged with them.

As I have mentioned before, I match up a pair - in other words,
basses that can be set to the same sort of sound.
For example, a T-40 would go with another T-40, my Odyssey
is a good match for my Greco or one of the Blazers, etc.

I took the RB 650 for it's first live outing to an outdoor event,
a few weeks ago and was so impressed with it, it has taken top
billing for a while.
This thing has got a Punch with a capital "P"!
Lovely neck, nice balance and has even got those fancy Ibanez
strap lock thingies on it, which work great but are a bit fiddly!

The RS 900 is a good match - simple single volume, and with the
EQ on the bass and treble about an eighth of a turn from the central
indent, matches up to the 900 a treat.

On it's own, the 900 could match most basses.
I am not entirely sure of this, as most of the pics I have seen just don't
show clearly enough but it is documented that the great Phil Lynott was
a famous user of the RS 900 and I can see why.
The central indent, as on most controls like these, give a flat EQ, with cut
one way and boost the other. Simple but very effective.

I shall leave you with thoughts on a new bass feature, that I discovered
during the gig. . . . . Stealth Bass!! :) :)
During a number with a long drum solo, I pulled out the input lead from
the amp, so I could get rid of Sticky String Syndrome, by giving them a
good wipe down. At the end of the solo - Stealth Bass cut in . . . . . . .
went to pull the E, nothing - all eyes from the band on me . . . oops!
A quick shove on the jack and we were in business again. Sorreeeey!

I know I said on the previous post that there would be some Status but
I thought as the RB and RS were still fresh in my mind (and ears) I
would mention them first.
I will put up some closer pics of each bass, another time.

Cheers. :)

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Take a ride on the Roadster and you'll never come back :)