Friday, 1 October 2010

Status Groove. . . . . .

I have mentioned Status but then not got round to it, so here is
one of them - the other is a Shark but at the mo', I can't find the
pics, so I'll have to do that another time.

Status are perhaps famous for the headless basses, an association
with Mark King and other artists as well as "Carbon Graphite"
Innovative use of materials, electronics and design.
They also made other basses, including "The Groove" and "The Shark".

This bass is an absolute cracker!!! I don't gig it much at all - perhaps
only once this year, as I am mainly into playing older, Classic stuff.
Shame on me!!!

This is a Classic, it just feels right - perfect pick-up position, active
or passive nice balance and a lovely neck, I think it is due for an
outing, very soon.
You don't see many about, I'm not sure how many were made
but it took me ages to find this one.
Below is an extract from the catalogue, showing four colour options.
I thing the burst one is the nicest.

So, a cracking bass, that I must use more often. . . . . .
Made in England!!!!
Can't say that about much, these days.

Did a gig last night - mid week is a bit of a haul but had a great
night - lots of happy (very, some of them) punters, really having
a good time.
Took the 650 and 900 combination out again - second time in
6 days - great sounds - got a pic but need to get it off my phone.
Got home and found a program about Hendrix. . . . . .
Well, I just had to watch it! Very entertaining.

Back soon with more, not sure what yet but perhaps time for
one of the guitars.

Cheers. :)

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