Monday, 4 October 2010

Hohner G3T, going headless. . . . .

Going headless for the very first time was a strange experience,
very much like the first time I ever used Cruise Control in a car,
an odd feeling.

The daddy of most of these things is obviously the Steinberger, which
is a top end quality instrument, used by all sorts of famous players,
at a much higher cost.

You soon get used to it but for me, takes a moment or two when
you swap over from a conventional instrument.
I bought this to go with a B2A bass, after I had a flash of inspiration
and came up with a cunning plan, which I will share later.

The hardest thing to overcome, in my experience, is the fact that
there is very little there - no size and no real weight.
The only thing that I have, that feels even smaller, is an Kay45,
Austin Hatchet, which I will come back to later, as it is about to
do some serious travelling!!!

I have also found a pic of a Hatchet Bass - must be very rare!!
This is not mine, something I found during research.

The Hohner G3T has a humbucker at the back, with a coil tap and
two single coils, which
are all selected via their own switch.
There is a handy flip down leg rest, for use when sitting, as without it,
it just slides backwards

I can't say that I have played this one much but when I did, all seemed
well, reasonable bite from the pick-ups and a good trem.

I shall come back with the B2A another time.
Next up, "The Austin Hatchet" has a pre-travel set up and clean, ready
for a six month trip!!

Cheers. :)

Any questions, stories to tell, experiences to share:

Thanks to "J" in the USA, for sharing your T-40 experiences,
much appreciated. :)

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