Monday, 18 October 2010

Ibanez Studio ST-824 . . . . . .

I took a load of images, months ago and saved them in a
safe place - so safe, it turns out, I can't find them!!!

I came across some of them today, on a USB stick that
had been sitting right in front of me, on my desk!
I went to save something and there they were!
So, here's one I have found on it. :)

Ibanez Studio ST-824 - This one is 30 years old - almost
ready to give up nights out with the lads!!! :) :)

I have two of these - same story, got the first one, liked it
and looked for a second one.
The second one, I have to admit, didn't look that clever when
I got it and although complete and a player, needed TLC.
That, however, is a different story, as the one in the image is
the first one I had - the other one, I haven't got round to taking
any pics of - perhaps I will do them as twins.
The ST-824 and it's brother, the 924, are very solid instruments!
You could go into battle with one of these and when you had won,
still rattle off a few tunes.
Both pick-ups have Tri-Sound switching, which if I'm honest, I can't
remember the technicalities of.
I think is goes like this - Single Coil, Parallel and Series.
What ever they do, there are three distinct sounds.
It also has the Ibanez "Quadra Lock" system, which is a feature on
a lot of their other instruments. There are threaded inserts into the
neck, which give a very secure fixing.

I get very "Old School" when I play it - it's not the sort of thing you
would play Stanley Clarke stuff on, or try and emulate Flea, doing
Higher Ground and equally, it is not the sort of bass you would
perhaps attempt anything from Rush or Yes!
Anything other than that and it is well suited to almost anything else.

And finally. . . . . . I have been asked by a visitor "are all these
instruments yours and where do you manage to find them from?"
I sent a lengthy reply, as we both share an interest in Twin Necks!
Hi "G" nice to hear from you - as I said, more "Twin content" to come
later on. :)

Yes, they are - unless I have used an image as an example, which
I point out is not mine. The Studio, shown above, came from a modern
version of a Pawn Shop, Cash Converters!

For those of you not in the UK, "Simples" is a phrase from a talking
Meerkat, who stars in a very amusing series of averts selling Insurance.

Back with more another time.

Great to hear from you out there - anything information to offer
or any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

Cheers. :)

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Flat Eric said...

Hi to the guy with the smashed up studio. I may be able to help.
Message me via the comments, leave a contact and I'll get back to you.
Cheers. :)

Dean-O said...

I have one of these Ibanez Studio ST-824. I have had it for 20 plus years. I love it. But recently when I plug in I get a constant buzz unless I tilt the plug in the guitar a bit then the buzz goes away, but I cant play that way. I have looked at the wires and all seem well connected. Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance. Love your collection. Dean-O

musicartguy1 said...

I just bought an ST 824 on Reverb today, and it's a beast. I don't think it was ever touched, and I got it for a song… $525 shipped! Awesome bass.

Flat Eric said...

Top job there mate!! You enjoy it and hang onto it - the quality of those things is amazing. email me a pic?
Cheers. :)