Thursday, 28 October 2010

Fender Jazz 62 and the boys at work. . . .

I first played a Fender Jazz in the mid 70's, when a friend of a friend
was having a "jam" - which is what we all did then - a
bunch of us
would get together and sometimes make beautiful
Read "most of the time a deafening row"!!!

I went with a guitar, to play rhythm and ended up playing this
Fender Jazz.

This is only a guess, as it is well over 30 years ago but it could
been one of those basses that now fetch big money, as it
looked old,
even then.

This was handed out to anyone who fancied a bash on it, without
word of "careful with that, son".
I wonder what became of it?

Anyway, the next one I played was a later, post '75, Bullet TR,

which was a natural colour and after that followed various goes
others but at the time, none of them were mine.

I bought my first Fender JB62 after I had borrowed a friends '72 to
do an outdoor gig, in the summer - it just felt so right.
So, after a lot of searching, I managed to find one and it was a real
beauty - not the one in the pic, that is another one!
I ended up with four, three Sunburst and one Pink!
Still got them all but as yet, I don't think I have any pics of the
first one - I will get some soon.

The first one, I played all the time, for ages, just so nice to play.
The one above, is the second one I had and as usual, they went
out as pairs.
Fender Japan, of that period, made some really great gear, so
much so, I understand it gave Fender USA some worries, as the
quality coming out of the Japanese factories, in some cases was
better than the ones in the USA.

As well as the for JB 62, I have a modified JB 75, which was one
of my first purchases from ebay.
I will do all the others later but for now, I'll leave you with just
this one.

I will give you a blow by blow account of what they are like to play,
when I post up the next one.

And finally. . . .

Managed to get the pics of my phone, which shows the Ibanez Duo,
that have been hogging the limelight, recently and the Blazers at a
recent outing.

Sorry about the quality of the image!

Back next time with something different.

As always, any info you have or any questions - drop me a line.
It's great to hear from fellow enthusiasts.

Cheers :)

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