Friday, 12 November 2010

Speedster "Travels" a long way. . . . . .

Well, bit bleary eyed today - lunchtime and I've been up for nearly
9 hrs, already! Yawn!

I was going to come to this one a bit later on but things moved on
a bit quicker than I thought and as I am typing this, the Speedster
has probably already travelled about 1700 miles!!

It will be spending the next six months, sailing around the Caribbean
on the worlds largest cruise liner, so by the time it gets back, it will
be a Well travelled. . . . . Traveller!

It has gone with an MP3 Tascam and a small lead, in a suitcase!
I only got to play with for about half an hour but in that time I had a
lot of fun, with what is a serious instrument and not a toy.

Some great design features and to be honest, would be good enough
to gig, if you wanted to travel light.
The pic is from the net, as I didn't have time to get a shot of it but as
it is a "Travel Guitar", I'll see if I can get some shots sent to me, on
it's travels around the Caribbean seas!

Have a look at this - wouldn't love to spend a couple of weeks on board?

Back to dear old Blighty!!
Took my Greco Rickenbacker, often referred to as "Rickenfaker", to
rehearsals, last night, after having a string change.
What a difference it made!!
It was quite bright and punchy before but a new set of Picato strings
has brought out it's true character - both pick-ups on, front one backed
off, just a little, tones full up - Mmm, Nice!
I haven't got any photos of it but will try and get some sorted, as it is
a great looker as well as being a great player.

For my final comment - my live feed widget thing seems to be indicating
that there are several searches for "Ibanez Studio SB70".
I guess there may be one of for sale, somewhere.
Well to all those who might be interested in one, if you get it, I'm sure you
won't be disappointed - mine is, ermm, "Well used" but is still a cracker.
Go on, have a go - you know you want to. :)

Back next time with the "Unusual" thing I was going to do!
Cheers. :)

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