Monday, 22 November 2010

Columbus Telecaster Bass. . . . .

This was added to the collection, purely for nostalgic reasons.

In the 70's, most of the small town music shops had a fairly good
selection of copies, as the real thing was very expensive.
These were CSL, Antoria, Sumbro, Kimbara, CMI, Grant, Columbus
and quite a few others, that ranged from not bad at all to ermm. . .
not too good.
One of the more common ones was Columbus and someone I knew
had one of these.

He was about 10 years older than me and was in a band doing covers
of Stones, Quo, T Rex, Slade etc - not gigging, just getting together once
a week, so I used to pop down to see them.
I was always allowed a quick go, while he went out for a break and it
stuck with me, so when I spotted this one, I just had to have it.

I have no intention of playing it live, it is just a play-thing, which being
shorter scale, is easy to sit down and noodle on.
It is really quite playable and has a really nice sound to it but the look
of it and the memories it brings back, are more important.

This is one of the boys at work - this is the other Studio bass I have,
who had a very successful outing on Friday.

This one is the mate to the one I have already listed and both have
some great sounds and a great feel, although they are slightly heavier
than your average bass, they balance nicley and are very comfortable
to play.
A good night out.

Until the next time. . . . .

Cheers. :)


Dom Archer said...

Hi Flat Eric.

Do you still have the Columbus?

Just had a couple of queries and wondered if you could help me.

If you do... I'm trying to find out some more about mine, which seems to be identical to your one. Wondering if you'd be able to tell me if it is a full size bass? Roughly what dimensions are the body and Neck?
Do you know if they ever made a 3/4 size?

Any help would be fantastic.

Thanks, Dom

Flat Eric said...

Dom, Hi. Yes I still have it! It isn't full size - I haven't had it out of the case for ages but I think it's a medium scale. Ping your email to and I'll answer all your questions.
Cheers. :)

yeanderwolf said...

I used to have an antoria bass that looked so like the columbus pictured I was fooled for a moment or two. We bought it from a retired bassist with the BBC radio orchestra, and by god I wish I'd kept it. Slightly less white plastic on the front end, the thumb rest was the other side of the strings and the silvery covers were less flared, but the neck was white maple and it was a dream to play. However as the eighties turned into the nineties I was tempted by a long black aria so I traded it in.