Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Ibanez Studio SB-70 - Aha!!. . . . . . .


Quick lunchtime post - I have now found out why there has been
so much interest in my Ibanez Studio SB-70.

I was put on to this little beauty, which has just sold in the USA.
This is what mine would have looked like, when it was new.

The one above, is not mine. . . . . . . . .

This is mine!!

What a difference!!

Cheers. :)


Anonymous said...


I bought my first guitar about 20 years ago, an Ibanez SB-70. Second hand, very worn. It still is my only guitar, that I learned to "play" with.
I don't know why I'm writting you, maybe I get emotional, and I like the way you talk about it.
I was curious about my guitar only recently, didn't know what a humbucker was until a few months, red about super 70's etc...
Now I stuggle with it trying to achieve a jazzy kind of sound, only playing in neck position, and wondering if anything is correctly set in my guitar, action, mic height etc...
I'm a very poor guitar player, quite alone by my side, but knowing a bit more about my instrument makes me want to improve.
Thank you for the information I found on your blog.


Stefan Christiansen

Flat Eric said...

Stefan, Hi - Nice to hear from you.
Not sure whereabouts in the world you are but I'm sure there must be a music shop somewhere near you. If you don't have much experience, might be worth them having a look at it. Mine has all sorts of tones and I can easily get a Jazz sound from it. Maybe you are driving the amplifier too hard - they are a beast, if you want them to be but can also be very mellow. I would get the shop to have a quick look, if you are in any doubt.
Cheers. :)