Wednesday, 3 November 2010

"Chalky" The Forty. . . . . .

Meet Chalky!

He is a 1983, Blade T-40, who after living with me for some time,
may be leaving home, so I thought before he went on his travels,
I had better photograph and document him.

Chalky is very slightly different to some of my other blades.
The phase switch also doubles up as a coil selector for the
rear pick-up, which means there is a subtle difference in
tone between the one nearest to the bridge and the one nearer
to the neck.
Chalky's coil nearer to the neck is more powerful than the other,
which gives a slightly different range of sounds from the norm.
I have another one that is almost the same and from enquiries,
there was no exact science to pick-up winding and this was from
Chip Todd, one of the fathers of the "T" range.
The "T" in T-40, T-60, stands for Todd, so he should know.

The front pick-up is very powerful and blending in a few options,
gives all sorts of tones.

All in all, a typical T-40 with subtle differences.

I'll come back next time with a '79 Natural, that has just come back
from a long term loan.

Cheers. :)

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