Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Peavey T-40 - Again? Oh, yes . . . . . . .

More T-40 - Well, why not?
Plenty more to come but all in good time. :)

This a 1979 Toaster and has a lovely warm tone, both on the single
coils and on the Humbucker, which fattens up the sound as it is brought
into play, at 7 on the dial.

I pull this out when I start to feel all "Vintage" and do "walking bass"
on it and anything that is a bit old school.
The older ones are more Slab Bodied than the later blade type T-40, so
is a bit like comparing an old Slab Precision to the the later contoured type.

This one is in great condition for something that is over 30 years old and
the body is one of the more rare "Three Piecer" T-40's.

There is a T-40 that I know of, which in my opinion, must be very rare.
This has a very large centre section, which I have never seen before and
belongs to a fellow enthusiast, who was happy to let me use his excellent
photos. Thanks Jon - top shots, a very good example of an early Forty.

As you can see, the centre section on Jon's is much wider than
on mine - nice piece of timber! :)

If any visitors know of another like this one, I'd love to see it.

Before I go, I will leave you with a little tip. Make sure the Jack
is pushed well home into the socket!

I took an 85 Musician out, the other night, which I haven't played
for some time, as it is MINT and I don't fancy putting the first ding
into the old fella!
Pushed the Jack in, all the way, or so I thought - pushed the other
end into the amp and got nothing. :( Fiddled around, still nothing!
Now you know one of those moments when you go "all hot" and you
start to think the worst?? . . . . . . I had one of those.
Battery was not that old - immediate thought was that the circuit
had gone and was going to be a bit of a nightmare to sort.
Fortunately, I had taken another bass to rehearsals, so plugged that
in quickly, before everyone else arrived - result!

Spent all night worrying about it and most of the following day.
Plugged in into a little practice amp, still nothing!!!!!!!
Took the Jack out, pushed in harder - bingo!
Felt like a bit of a Muppet!
To be fair, for some reason on that bass, you have to push it really firmly.

You live and learn. :)

Back next time, with something a bit different, rare, British and headless!

Cheers. :)


Mark S B said...

My first bass was a Peavey Patriot bass I bought in 1980, plus a Peavey Minx 30 watt bass amp.
I can't remember what I did with the bass but still have the old tube amp and it works great.
I've had 6 bass guitars over the years and now have a 2014 Fender Jazz bass MIM.
I remember the Peavey bass being red , what happen to it I'm clueless , most likely because of beans , those were the days.

That Peavey T-40 is bad ass.

Flat Eric said...

Mark, Hi.
T-40 = Luvvverleeee!! :)

Rehearsed with my '79 Toaster last night.

Cheers. :)